Play Bayonetta 1 & 2 Before Playing Bayonetta 3, Emphasizes Hideki Kamiya

Hideki Kamiya has recommended players to play Bayonetta 1 & 2 before Bayonetta 3 if they haven't yet.

Fans have been waiting for Bayonetta 3 for a long while now. After a long wait, the game is expected to be released this year. However, before you play the third part of the game series, Hideki Kamiya, director of Bayonetta 3 once again emphasizes that fans should definitely play the first two games before playing the third part. It will give them 100 times more experience of the story. He tweeted (translated):

Somehow I wanted to say this again, but if you are thinking of playing “Bayonetta 3”, I definitely want you to play “Bayonetta 1” and “Bayonetta 2” by now …I think that person can enjoy the story 100 times more.

It’s not the first time Kamiya has emphasized on playing the first two parts before Bayonetta 3. Since the director is relaying the same message again and again, fans who haven’t played the first two should definitely consider playing the first two parts. Even if you don’t have time to play them and want to jump straight into Bayonetta 3, atleast check out the stories and plot of each game on Youtube. He further explained:

In “Bayonetta 2”, we intentionally created a story that you can enjoy playing in any order of 1 and 2 …However, in “Bayonetta 3” this time, I wrote a scenario assuming one or two experienced people because the recognition of the work would have spread sufficiently and I wanted to make the world view more profound. Come to the preparatory play …

Nintendo has already a good lineup of games for 2022. Once the specific release date is confirmed, Bayonetta 3 will glorify the lineup as well. Last year, there were rumors related to troubled development of Bayonetta 3 however, those rumors were laid to rest by official sources. We are expecting Nintendo to announce a confirm release date for Bayonetta 3 soon so stay tuned for that.

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