Bayonetta 2 Halos Farming Guide – Tips to Farm Halos Fast, Good Farming Spots

Bayonetta 2 Halos farming tips to earn Halo fast, quickly raise millions of Halos!

Money can be hard to come by in Bayonetta 2. Especially if one is eying everything that The Gates of Hell has to offer. Luckily, there are a couple of methods using which you can farm millions of Halos in a couple of minutes.

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Bayonetta 2 Halos Farming

These are the only methods that I’ve discovered so far. If you’ve anything else to share, share it away in the comments below!

Chapter #10 & #14 Halos Farming
First off, there are a couple of things that you need for this method:

  • Crow Within – Buy it for 20,000 from The Gates of Hell
  • Gaze of Despair – Buy it for 100,000 from The Gates of Hell
  • Selene’s Light – Buy it from The Gates of Hell
  • Game progression until Chapter #14

Once you’ve acquired everything, start Chapter #10 and find Mida’s Testament from a Treasure Chest located at the eastern side at the very beginning of the chapter. You’ll need to use Crow Within to cross the gap and grab the item. Keep on exiting and replaying the chapter until you’ve got at least 20 Mida’s Testament.

Equip Mida’s Testament in your Item Slot and Gaze of Despair and Selene’s Light in your Accessory Slot.


Start Chapter #14 and during every Verse, use Mida’s Testament! The idea is to keep your combo as long as possible and utilize Umbran Climax. It’s recommended that you play the chapter on at least 2nd Climax difficulty.

Don’t worry about getting hit, keep the combos long, and use Mida’s Testament to complete the chapter. Keep on repeating this process until you’ve acquired your desired amount!

Jeanne Equipped With Bracelet of Time
Do note that this method is also similar to the first one, but with a couple of alterations to improve the Halo gain.

Similar to previous farming method, there are a couple of things that you need:

  • Unlock Jeanne – Complete the game on 2nd Climax or harder
  • Gaze of Despair – Buy it for 100,000 from the Gates of Hell
  • Bracelet of Time – Complete the game on 2nd Climax or harder with at least a Gold ranking on all chapters

Once you’ve everything, pick up Jeanne and equip Gaze of Despair and Bracelet of Time. Start Chapter #14 and ensure that you’ve enough Magic (if you can, have Mida’s Testament to gain even more).

The idea is to activate Bracelet of Time just before your attack hits the opponent and stick to PPP combos only. There are a couple of pointers to keep in mind for the most effective farming.

You can check out Daedron-12’s YouTube video demonstration for more information!

If you’ve something to add or ask, let us know in the comments below!

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