Battletech Contracts Guide – Contract Types, Enemies, How To Complete

This Battletech Contracts Guide details the various enemy types that you can expect to face under the Contracts in Battletech. Some knowledge of the number of enemies you will fight before you actually engage in battle is essential.

In our Battletech Contracts Guide, you can find various contracts divided according to their category, along with the enemy types you need to overcome.

Battletech Contracts

These contracts come in different categories, employing you to perform unique tasks. Apart from their nature of objectives, these also have varying difficulty levels.

You will be required to head to a designated location and recover the item asked of you. You may also be asked to eliminate x1 Lance. Moreover, there is a chance you will be required to capture an additional location nearby the primary one.

In this contract, you need to hunt down and eliminate a specific target. Moreover, you will be asked to take out a lance and occasionally either a mech or a tank.

You, along with friendly tanks, will be required to proceed to a designated rally point. Here, your objective would be to eliminate x1 Lance.


Capture Base
Head towards the base and eliminate x1 Lance there.

Destroy Base
You need to head towards a base, take out a Lance, and destroy the main features of the base. These include the major buildings and Turrets within the base camp.

Defend Base
As the name suggests, you need to fend off x2 Lances. One of them approaches from the front while the other will arrive from behind of the base.

You will face around x8 enemies that are always close together. Therefore, prepare to fight them simultaneously. The enemies will include x2 Lances and x8 Tanks/Mechs.

Attack Convoy
You need to be able to stop x10 Tanks before they reach a certain spot. There will be 10 waves of this objective and you will also face a Lance accompanying the Tanks.

Contract Enemies

The listed below details all the enemy types and their respective numbers that you will face in each Contract type.

  • Assassinate: x2 Skulls + x2 Light Mechs + a Medium Mech + a Heavy Mech + a Light Tank + a Medium Tank.
  • Escort: 1.5 Skulls + x4 Light Mechs + x2 Medium Tanks + x2 Medium Mechs.
  • Recovery: 2.5 Skulls + x2 Medium Mechs + a Heavy Tank + an Assault Tank.
  • Recovery: 3.5 Skulls + x3 Light Mechs + x3 Medium Tanks + a Heavy Tank.
  • Escort: 1.5 Skulls + x3 Light Mechs + a Light Tank + x3 Medium Mechs.
  • Ambush Convoy: 2 Skulls + x3 Medium Mechs + x4 Medium Tanks.
  • Recovery: 3.5 Skulls + x2 Heavy Mechs + x2 Assault Mechs.
  • Capture Base: 1.5 Skulls + x4 Turrets + x3 Medium Mechs.
  • Recovery: 2.5 Skulls + a Medium Mech + x3 Heavy Mechs.
  • Defense: 1.5 Skulls + x9 Light Mechs + x2 Medium Tanks.
  • Assassinate: 2.5 Skulls + a Light Mech + x3 Heavy Mechs.
  • Battle: 2.5 Skulls + x2 Medium Mechs + x2 Heavy Mechs.
  • Recovery: 2 Skulls + x6 Light Mechs + x2 Medium Tanks.
  • Recovery: 2 Skulls + a Medium Mech + x2 Heavy Mechs.
  • Battle: 2 Skulls + x4 Heavy Tanks + x4 Medium Mechs.
  • Recovery: 1.5 Skulls + a Heavy Mech + a Heavy Tank.
  • Capture Base: 3.5 Skulls + x8 Light Mechs.

This is all we have in our Battletech Contracts Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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