Battlerite Varesh Guide – How to Play Varesh, Abilities, Battlerites, EX Abilities, Loadout, Tips and Strategies

Varesh is an extremely complicated hero to figure out due to his kit and his role in the team. This Battlerite Varesh Guide will tell you all of the important things about him so you do not have to waste hours and hour trying to figure out how to use Varesh. Read on to find out all about his abilities, battlerites and get numerous tips and tricks which will help you in your game.

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Battlerite Varesh Guide

Varesh is a ranged character who is usually used to debuff the enemies, crowd control them and heal your allies a little bit as well. Varesh is very versatile so let’s take a look at the best battlerites which go along with his abilities.

Battlerite Varesh Guide

Battlerite Varesh Abilities and Battlerites

Take Silence for your right mouse button and Devastation, it will increase the time of judgment from 0.5 seconds to 1 second. This is very important as it can silence your enemies in important fights. Devastation is important because it increases the amount of damage that you do to enemies and its cooldown is reset whenever you use the right mouse button.

Wonder for space is good since it gives you extra shield to be able to absorb attacks. You are not that mobile so chances are that the enemy team will try to attack you as much as possible. Inspiration is also good since it allows you to build your meter faster. Kinetic Judgment is also good to increase damage from Shatter or generally CC the enemy.

Your EX abilities are perhaps the most fun part of your kit. The right mouse will apply both debuffs and heal you for 4 HP. Judgment will still be reset. EX E is crush which makes your ability detonate earlier, causing enemies to fall back due to the knock and take AoE damage.

This ability is good for taking the middle orb. Lastly, your ultimate can be used for almost anything that you can dash through enemies three times and do an incredible amount of damage to you. A good Varesh can do more damage than almost all of the other enemies in the battle.

Battlerite Varesh Strats

You have no mobility without meter so you need to stay far away and poke enemies down. Do not go too far in as you will die quite fast if the enemy were to dive you. Also, try to ensure that you debuff your enemies as much as possible to lock them down and ensure victory.

Since the position is very important, make sure you are close enough to damage them but far enough to ensure they cannot dive in. Manage your meter to ensure you have some backup in case you get dived on. The shield is strong and can be used in those situations. Your counter is also good as you can jump onto enemies with it and it can be used to close the gap.

That is all we have for our Battlerite Varesh Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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