Battlerite Orbs and Runes Guide

Orbs are an addition to the game which can change the outcome of a fight. There are a total of four Orbs which you can pick up during the course of a match. This Battlerite Orbs and Runes Guide will tell you about all four of them and how you can utilize them when you are in the middle of the match and gain an edge over your opponents.

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Battlerite Orbs and Runes Guide

There are a total of four Orbs known as Death, Health, Energy, and Middle. All of them can give you a certain advantage so now we will take a look at each of them individually to find out what they do and how important they are for success.

Health and Energy Orbs

There are eight spots where these spawn. Each Health Orb gives you 6 HP and 6 Recovery HP. Each Energy Orb gives you 8 Energy until the meter is full. These Orbs are always placed in pairs on the opposite sides of the maps. This means that if you see an Orb on one side of the map, there will be another one on the exact opposite side of the map as well!

Thee Orbs have a respawn time of 25 seconds so you can easily incorporate them into your strategy. Most Healers in the game have limited charges so these Orbs are very important for your team. They usually start off as invisible and grow larger as they get closer to spawning. The color of the Health Orbs is Green and Energy Orbs is Orange.

Death Orbs

These Orbs are very important as they add a sense of higher stakes when you die. You drop this Orb when you die and it grants the enemy some energy based on how much you had when you died. An Orb will also give 24 Health if it is full. These Orbs can only be picked up by your teammates.

Middle Orb

This Orb is by far the most important Orb that there is. It takes it about 20 seconds for it to spawn after the beginning of the round. You can use the waypoints that are on the map as they correspond to 4 seconds time towards the Middle Orb. The timer starts as soon as someone takes the Middle Orb for themselves.

The Middle Orb needs to be destroyed rather than picked up. It has 60 Health and you can see how much of it is left. This Orb grants you 10 HP, 10 Recovery HP, and 25 Energy; not just for you but for your entire team. Think of it like the Dragon in League of Legends.

If you are the only one alive when you destroy the Orb, then it will give you added benefits and help you survive clutch situations. The reward for being the only one alive then when the Orb is destroyed is 25 HP, 25 Recovery HP, and 50 Energy. What more could you possibly need?!

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