Battlerite Oldur Guide

Oldur is a timewinder who uses his Abilities for multiple purposes. This Battlerite Oldur Guide will tell you everything that you need to know about Oldur such as Abilities and the Strats to use, you will also be given some incredible tips and tricks to make you coarse your way up the matchmaking ladders and get onto the path of becoming a pro.

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Battlerite Oldur Guide

Oldur can fit in many different compositions due to his versatility. He can deal a lot of damage or just buff his teammates while acting as a support. Now let’s take a look at how you can effectively utilize the build of Oldur and some useful strategies to easily unleash your wrath on your opponents’

Oldur Abilities

Stolen Power and Dehydration are really good as they allow you to buff your team as well as give you lots of Crowd Control so as to quickly deal with enemies. As you will probably know by now, the right click of Oldur performs a heal, and for it, you need to take Rewind and Renew.

This will reduce the cooldowns of your allies when you heal them, which will have massive ramifications over the course of the game. Renew gives you more heal so it can add up over the round and make quite a huge difference when you look at the big picture. Sand Tomb is used for his E, as it will lock down enemies for one second.

Use Shared Fate since it allows you to punish the enemy if they’re grouped up. It creates a lot of pressure in its very-big explosion radius. You will have to choose this when you’re going against supports such as Pestilus/Blossom who need their teammates to group up to heal.

You can use the Recreate battlerite if you position yourself well with your teammate, because in this way you will allow both of yourselves to benefit from the rite.

This will give you some much-needed CC as you only really have the petrify. The Ultimate is good as it will be able to stun your enemies but it requires four energy bars, which make it extremely costly and unusable for a large part of the game.

Dehydration is for your left mouse click as well as it will debuff your enemy when you use your left click. It will not only reduce their damage to you but also reduce any heal effects that are on them. You can also use Sand Struck or Time Walker when you are up against a double melee comp as it will give you the extra mobility required to walk over them.

Your E will secure the second proc of your right mouse button and can be used not only for self-healing but also for landing petrify. Petrify is the perfect baiting Ability which can be used to initiate fights as well.

Lastly, your Ultimate reduces your or an ally’s cooldown by 25 percent and brings them onto the map dealing massive AoE damage. Try to use this sparingly as it costs a lot. However, it does stun enemies so if you manage to hit it repeatedly; this is game breaking!

Chrono Shift: Pick this if you’re up against Ezmo since it has a high potential in trading and orb control.

Sandstorm: This will work great against double or triple melee whenever it’s paired with Time Bender. This also allows you to kite more effectively and pressure when you’re being chased by 2 melees.

Time Burst/Sand Struck: If you’re looking to play aggressive, these are great battlerites to choose. To dish damage, use the M1>E>E>EX-M1 combo to deal 82 damage, given that you’re landing all of them correctly. This means that you’re dropping down two full true health bars with this combo

 Oldur Strats and Tips

Oldur is not a normal support; you need to CC enemies and provide utility for your teammates. You have a solid root with a good AoE so you should try to debuff them with your left click and try to lock them up.

Over time, the little amount of damage will add up and make a difference in the game. Your right click Ability is good but has an extremely long cooldown so try to use it sparingly if you can.

Timing is important, as you do not have much heal, so make sure you understand when to CC enemies and when to heal your teammates.

You are also tanky so you can take some damage. Your Space will make you go invulnerable during fights, as it will help your team during massive fights.

Try to use his EX-Abilities to add some flavor to your fights. His left click EX deals some damage and his EX Q throws back projectiles, which can be used to damage ranged characters.

However, your Ultimate is quite powerful if you manage to learn how to use it properly so it is better if you save your energy for your Ultimate and then wreak havoc on your enemies from above.

You can also create some space between you and the two enemies who try to leap onto you by using the Q>M1>EX-M1 combo. They won’t be able to get to you unless they use an iframe. Your EX-Q will counter a lot of abilities thrown at you by the opponents, given that you make good use of the ability.

Try to use Shifting Sands last because it has a very long cooldown. If you end up wasting it early, you will be left vulnerable. Keep diving back into your team to position yourself correctly. You will need to maintain a space between yourself and the enemy.

Teammate Synergies
Here are some of the teammate synergies that you may wanna look into:

Ashka would deal loads of damage if you’ve positioned Oldur correctly.

Alysia’s EX-Q goes well with Oldur, her CC provides a lot of peel whenever Oldur becomes the focused ally.

Since Rook’s currently quite overpowered, everyone should be looking into teaming with this guy if it’s possible.

Oldur is primarly a midlaner for whenever you’re playing 3s. This is because of his limited mobility and thus he works the best in ranged and melee comps.

So, whenever you’re playing in between your ranged and melee teammates, you have the option to exhibit unpredictable mobility which is something you couldn’t have performed in double ranged or double melee synergies.

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