Battlelands Royale Guide – Which Weapons To Choose, Damage Types, Air Drops

There have been many PUBG clones for the mobile platforms in recent times due to the boon of the game. However, Battlelands Royale takes a different approach by having a top-down approach and trying to cater to the mobile devices rather than trying to port a PC title over to a handheld. However, the new mechanics mean that you will need this Battlelands Royale Guide.

Our Battlelands Royale Guide will tell you all about how to get started with Battlelands Royale and guide you through some of the basic mechanics of the game.

Battlelands Royale Guide

In Battlelands Royale, a total of 32 players drop into the map and fight it out until only 1 of them is left standing. The matches are very fast due to the maps being short and this requires a lot of speed. Rather than dropping in the grassy areas where you can hide, it is best to drop into the open areas as people also want to hide and thus they avoid the open areas.

In the open areas, you can find your weapons and everything else that you need and then head towards the fight in the grass. Let us go ahead and see how you can increase the chances of you winning those fights. Let us go ahead and look at some specific tips to help you with the game.

Recommended Weapons

There are 4 different weapons available to you in the game. The Assault Rifle is perfectly balanced as it has decent damage and a decent rate of fire. This is the weapon that you can use at all times, for all purposes. The Shotgun is used for close-range combat and it fires 5 shots in a cone. It is best to ambush enemies with it since the top down view kind of negates its purpose.

The Sniper Rifle is used for long-range combat and does a ton of damage. However, it has a very low rate of fire so it is best to avoid using it up close as much as possible. Lastly, you can consider the Carbine good for most mid-range fights as it does more damage than the Assault Rifle but has a slower rate of fire. Consider it somewhere in between the Assault and the Sniper Rifle.

Damage Numbers and Calculation

Keep note of the damage numbers whenever you hit an enemy. White numbers mean they have no shields, red numbers mean that you did a critical strike, and blue numbers mean that you are dealing damage to their shields. It is probably best to disengage in most cases of the blue number.


While we are on the topic of shields, try to find them for yourself as they will add an extra health bar for you and you will be able to survive battles that would otherwise leave you dead. Always be on the lookout for shields as they can be more important than finding another weapon.

The Air Drops

These airdrops are the lifeblood of all Battle Royale games and they attract hordes of enemies. Try to find it as soon as you can, as it will give you the best loot in the game. However, you will be quite vulnerable when you are trying to retrieve these items so it is best to ensure that the area is clear of enemies. You can also try to bait the enemies by waiting near the airdrop and pouncing on them when they show up.

That is all we have for our Battlelands Royale Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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