BattleHand Heroes Guide – Combat, Cards, How To Upgrade Heroes, Deck Building (Beginners Guide)

Our BattleHand Heroes Guide is for the latest RPG where you play as superheroes battling the villain Omega and defeating his accomplices. In this turn-based game, see what you can do to step up your game thanks to our BattleHand Heroes Beginners Guide.

BattleHand Heroes Guide

BattleHand Heroes is a turn-based card game where you can choose as multiple heroes fighting in different modes in the game. See how the combat of the game works and how other aspects and mechanics come into play in BattleHand Heroes.

Game Modes

At the start of the game, you’ll only be able to play in the Adventure Mode or Crime City Mode. However, as you level up, you’ll be able to play in Titan Tower and Stadium Mode where you battle against other online players.

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Each mode is divided into three sub-categories according to the difficulty level: Normal, Elite, and Heroic. The latter ones reward you more but also require your heroes to have reached a decent level to fight.

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A little more on the Stadium Mode, you’ll be able to collect Orbs, Bucks, and Diamonds as a reward for winning against players globally. You can bring a team of two heroes to each session of the Stadium Mode.


The actual battle in the game depends on which heroes you bring to the fight. All heroes and enemies come with one of the five elemental forces of nature. These include fire, water, air, spirit, and earth.

This fits in the combat like the rock, paper, and scissors strategy where Fire > Earth > Air > Spirit > Water and then Water > Fire so the cycle continues.

Therefore, it’s wise to check what type of enemy you’re going to face with what type of elemental force on them. You can know that you have an advantage on the elemental aspect when you see an upwards arrow appear on the enemy’s HP bar.

Towards the end of the round, you’ll have charged the superpower of your hero. Use it to unleash some devastating hits to the enemy.


Initially, you’ll only be able to play as Mr. Sunshine. However, more heroes can be recruited more on reaching Level 3, Level 7, Level 15, and so on. There are a total of five characters in BattleHand Heroes:

  • Mr. Sunshine (Fire)
  • Holoman (Spirit)
  • Kitty Karma (Earth)
  • Cloud9 (Wind)
  • Pixel (Water)

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If a character is to be picked out based entirely on the stats and card abilities, Holoman is probably the best one to stick with.

Choosing the Right Card and their Upgrades

Each character also comes with their own card set which grants them unique abilities which include Healing, Guarding, increasing Area of Attack, and more.

Some of the cards will take away enemies’ turns so you can get an even sharper edge in battle.

It is best to go into battle with a balanced card deck, something that provides both the defensive and offensive measures you require. This will ensure you’re able to deal massive damage to foes as well as keep your heroes well when it comes to their health.

BattleHand Heroes Guide

You can also check for perks that each card holds and these perks can be upgraded using power cells. To obtain cells, it’s best to play Titan Mode.

For upgrading the card, you’ll require the use of bucks and boosters. You can also ‘Evolve’ these cards that include adding stars to them. This is done by first creating a duplicate card and then evolving them. However, do remember that you cannot level a card beyond the level of a character.

Leveling up Heroes

To increase the maximum Character Level achievable, you’ll first have to raise your Fame Level that is done by playing in various modes and completing the many challenges. To level up a character, you need all the EXP you can get.

The best strategy going about is to play through the adventure mode multiple times on multiple difficulties. Alternatively, you can level up your heroes by using bucks. However, this isn’t ideal since bucks are harder to come by than EXP so hold onto it for other functions.

When you’ve reached level 5 for the hero, you’ll be able to unlock talents to improve the character’s stats. These talents can be purchased via the orbs that can be collected from Stadium mode.

Daily Rewards and Daily Missions

You can sign in daily to receive gems, bucks, and shards for constructing different cards. In addition to these free rewards, you can tune in daily to take part in the challenges that reset regularly.

These will help you secure a lot of gems in your bag, gems which can later be used in the shop to purchase more shards for cards.

To find more shards so you could use them to construct cards, browse through the Crime Map. The ‘Search for Shards’ tool will also come in handy as it informs you of which levels you can complete in order to obtain shards.

This is all we’ve in our BattleHand Heroes Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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