Battlefront 2 Had a Positive Impact on Battlefield 2 aka Battlefield V

Battlefront 2 was nothing short of a disaster due to EA’s predatory microtransactions systems. It affected gameplay and turned the game into a pay to win gambling machine. Soon after, fans ripped the system out of Battlefront 2 there were immediate concerns about the same type of practices taking place while developing Anthem and Battlefield 2 aka Battlefield V.

But there are reports now that developers are taking Battlefield 2 and its microtransactions very seriously. They are treading lightly and want to protect the positive image this franchise has developed over the years. It is one of the only remaining IPs fans are still into so it can’t afford an incident like Battlefront 2.

According to a report from Kotaku, one of the devs stated that “No one’s gonna do any pay-to-win stuff anymore. We didn’t take any of the loot box controversy lightly.”

This means that the community backlash over Battlefront 2 loot boxes had an impact on Battlefield 2 aka Battlefield V as well as Anthem. Anthem was delayed recently and will now release in early 2019. While devs themselves don’t have much hope from the IP, we are still keeping an open mind.

As far as Battlefield goes, this year we will see a new Battlefield game coming out. There are reports that EA DICE is taking Battlefield to World War 2. This was always EA’s plan so the success of BF1 doesn’t really have anything to do with the game’s World War 2 setting.

World War 2 based Battlefield game is going to release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox One X, and PS4 Pro. It is unclear if EA would even consider bringing the new game to Nintendo Switch but we know that it is highly unlikely.

The new Battlefield game is codenamed Battlefield 2 but the final name is reportedly Battlefield V.

Source: Kotaku

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