Battlefront 2 Geonosis Map Coming On November 28, Get Obi-Wan And General Grievous

One of the Star Wars films’ biggest battles, the Battle of Geonosis, will finally be coming to Battlefront 2 on November 28, next week. Along with that Battlefront 2 Geonosis map, players will be gaining access to General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and all of it will be coming for free for all players.

Geonosis holds a big place in the history of Star Wars, being the starting place of the Clone Wars that led to the rise of the Empire, the destruction of the Jedi Order, and the fall of the Old Republic. It was also the debut of the clone troopers, who would later become the first generation of the Empire’s stormtroopers.

Players on the Battlefront 2 Geonosis map will be able to pilot a wide variety of new vehicles, such as the Republic’s AT-TE walker (or at least its turret position), speederbikes, and likely more not just on the Republic side but the Separatist side as well.

The Geonosis update is part of the new system of free DLC that EA is bringing to the game in the aftermath of the game’s release, and General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi, both new heroes to this particular game, are two of the first new heroes we’ll be getting. From what EA said at their E3 2018 presentation, we’re going to be seeing Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku as well, likely on other maps.

Battlefront 2, unlike its predecessor game, promised a large number of different planets to play on in its multiplayer, rather than having multiple maps on each planet. Geonosis is the next phase of that, after 2017 when the planet Crait was released to promote The Last Jedi. Solo: A Star Wars story’s release earlier this year also brought Kessel as a map.

While we don’t know if the Battlefront 2 Geonosis map will be the last map that’s added to the game, we’ll just to wait and see what else comes up on EA’s roadmap for new content. Once again, you’ll be able to play the new map on November 28.