Battlefront 2 Development Hell Forces Devs to Leave the Studio

Video game developers EA DICE are going through a rough patch due to a failed Battlefront 2 launch. Their incapability in Battlefront 2 development has led to employees leaving the company. On top of that, the tough competition faced by DICE in Stockholm has also contributed to this.

The number of employees leaving DICE has got up to 40 people. This number is according to the LinkedIn profiles of those employees. So, the actual count could be even higher than 40. Also, the trend is only going to increase if DICE doesn’t mend the Battlefront 2 development slip.

Still, whichever Battlefront 2 update DICE releases it doesn’t seem to help. The criticism received even led to the departure of employees who worked at DICE for years. An estimate suggests a 10% loss of employees for EA DICE.

DICE has been putting a lot of pressure on its employees in the aftermath of the Battlefront 2 backlash. Some employees felt that redoing the game for a new Battlefront 2 update was tough on them.

DICE was a massive employer in Sweden with over 700 employees at the beginning of the year 2018. But now that number count is decreasing by the day. A large contributor in this has also been the rival game studios in Stockholm.

After the likes of Ubisoft opened up in the Stockholm vicinity DICE started losing staff. The game studios of Epic Games, King, and Paradox Interactive also capitalized on this. The launch failure in Battlefront 2 development turned out as an opportunity to them.

EA DICE also had to delay the release of Battlefield 5 not a while back. The developer even released a Battlefront 2 roadmap but little did the fans care. The well-regarded Battlefront 2 character Obi-Wan Kenobi is going to appear next month. Let’s see how that works out for the fanbase of the series as well as the developers.

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