Battlefield V Open Beta Performance Issues, Radio Controls Not Visible, Player left your Squad, Gadgets Not Available And Fixes

Battlefield V open beta early access has started, however, some players have been experiencing issues with the game. The following are the known issues for Battlefield V open beta along with their workarounds so that you can enjoy it.

Before we start, if you not able to access the Battlefield V open beta then make sure you are eligible for it as only those with the early access are able to play it while the rest will have access on September 6.

To be eligible for Battlefield V open beta early access you have to be a member of “Origin Access Basic, Origin Access Premium, EA Access subscriber” or have pre-ordered the game.

Here are the known issues with the game’s open beta along with their workaround and tips on how to avoid these issues so that you can play without any hassle.

Using Xbox One Controller
One of the known issues with the Battlefield V Open beta is that if you are using Xbox One controller with the PC version of the game then make sure to shift controls to mouse and keyboard using the controller otherwise you will be facing controls issues.

Radio Controls Not Visible
If you are using Xbox One controller to play the open beta and are a squad leader then the radio controls will not be visible for you. TO use the radio controls you will need to press “LB+RB”.

Low Performace, Performance Issues With DirectX 12
If you are playing the game with DirectX 12 enabled and are facing performance issues with the game then just switch the DirectX back to 11 from the settings and restart the game and the performance in Battlefield V open beta will improve.

Issues With Squads And Spawning
There are a number of issues with Battlefield V open beta in squads and spawning so here is a rundown of all the issue that you will face and along with tips on how to avoid them.

  • Wait for your weapons to appear in deploy screen and only spawn when the weapons appear.
  • Players will be kicked back to the deploy screen if they spawn when their squad wipes. Lets the “Still deploying” message to disappear and then deploy.
  • If the squad leader leaves the queue then the queue for the squadmates will not be canceled. Players will have to manually cancel the queue in order to follow their squad leader.
  • Players will be killed by the admin if they accept an invite from a friend in the opposing team before joining him.
  • The invitation will expire if you don’t accept it.
  • To join your friend in the private squad first you need to join the match as private squads are only visible once you deploy.
  • Players might get stuck while joining a squad that is in process of joining a match. Players will need to quit and then rejoin the squad.
  • Player left your Squad” is a misleading error as it will be showing up when your squad leaves a server.
  • To leave a squad you need to leave the match or the map as “Leave Squad” is not working as intended.

Known Issues With Inventory And Item Purchase

  • Some weapon skins can be purchased for weapons that haven’t been unlocked in “Appearance and Customize” tab.
  • Those who are playing Battlefield V open beta Xbox One will have to purchase weapons through ” Armory or Inventory screen” and not through Company screen.
  • Those who are playing the game on PC if they buy a weapon they already own, they will not be able to scrap it.

Known Issues With Weapons Gadgets And Vehicles

  • Xbox One players playing as Medic will only be able to throw the  Medical Pouch.
  • On the PC version of Battlefield V open Beta, Medical pouch is incorrectly called Ammo Pouch in one of the on-screen hints.
  • On the PlayStation 4 version of the Open beta, Stuka B-1 plane is listed to have two 50 KG bomb while it has only one 100 KG bomb.

That is all for the Battlefield V open beta known issues along with their tips on how to avoid these issues.

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