Battlefield V Open Beta PC Players to Be Strictly Monitored in Chat

Recently, a debate stirred online about the chat options in Battlefield V and the Producer at EA DICE, Jaqub Ajmal, participated in the discussion. During the ongoing argument as to whether the mute option should be there, Ajmal went on to reveal that a profanity filter has been added in the Battlefield V open beta to control toxicity.

PC gamers are going to have a filter installed that track and monitor profanity. What’s interesting is that no such feature is announced for console open beta for the time being. Why only monitor PC? Meanwhile, console gamers would have to manually report profanity and toxic behavior.

We have added a profanity filter in Battlefield V, which will be available in the Open Beta on PC.

However, some folks were rather not convinced on this step taken by EA DICE:

I very much hope this is an optional customizable client-side chat filter and not a garbage global filter that is forced on everybody.

While another user found it completely outrageous: “A profanity filter, Jesus Christ. Is this PG13?”

In response to attending to worries of multiple individuals, Jaqub tweeted:

No, it’s Battlefield where players are supposed to treat each other with respect in the chat. It’s actually sad that things like these are needed.

Ajmal also cleared the doubts for those who raised questions on the in-game swearing by saying:

Personally, I think there is a difference because if in-game characters say it to each other, that is part of the fantasy, like when you watch a movie and they are cursing at each other, While the chat is actually in reality, between players.

Many games apply chat filters where abusive language is managed by first warning the player and then blocking them from the chat or the game itself for a period of time. How exactly will Battlefield V open beta chat filter handle the situation remains to be seen.

The feature is expected to make it to the final build of the game when it comes out in November. For those unaware, the release date was pushed from October to November after low pre-order numbers.

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