Battlefield V Grand Operations Won’t Be Available At Launch

Update: There was a mistake in the announcement as now, EA has updated the blog post mentioning that Grand Operations will be playable at Launch.

Original Story: According to Electronic Arts, Battlefield V Grand Operations is the “ultimate multiplayer experience” for the franchise. We’ll have to hold our horses for a while though since the mode won’t be available at launch but will instead launch shortly after.

In an extensive post, detailing all multiplayer modes along Battlefield V Grand Operations, DICE revealed that the famous mode won’t be available at launch. While it comes as a disappointment since most fans were excited for Grand Operations to start the game with, it might not be a bad thing in the end.

DICE wants to keep things fresh and update with Battlefield V, meaning that you’ll be getting new content ever so frequently. With that in mind, you won’t be out of things to do for a few days or weeks before Battlefield V Grand Operations make their grand opening to the game.

What the post specifically states is that Battlefield V Grand Operations will be available “shortly after launch”. We still don’t know how much that will be, however, Electronic Arts wouldn’t want to go long enough without the game’s flagship mode. The post reads:

“Shortly after launch, you will be able to take part in the first Grand Operation. In the months that follow, you’ll continue the fight across other unseen and unplayed battlefields of World War 2.”

Battlefield V Grand Operations are the evolution of the Operations in Battlefield 1. Grand Operations is the “Ultimate Multiplayer Experience” that Battlefield V has to offer as DICE calls it. Grand Operations is basically a multiplayer mode based on a “powerful narrative experience” which are inspired by historical events during the World War 2.

Battlefield V will be available on October 19, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will also include a battle royale mode which won’t be a free standalone title. However, Electronic Arts want to commit to the free-to-play model for another project in the future.

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