What Battlefield V Developers Have Learned From The Closed Alpha

Battlefield V closed alpha took place recently and we know that the game is still in development but there were plenty of things that were wrong and here we are going to look at what feedback the Battlefield V devs have got and what they have noted from the Battlefield V closed alpha testing. While the game did look amazing there were some annoying things here and there but nothing too hard to fix.

DICE talked about the matchmaking issue and has claimed that the issue will be resolved before the game comes out. Battlefield V is going to have a Battle Royale mode and even if it didn’t, multiplayer is a big part of Battlefield V, so matchmaking should be the least of the player’s concerns. According to DICE:

There are many factors to juggle when it comes to matchmaking: finding players with equal latency and skill level, and more – and these factors all need to co-exist. Getting the best possible matchmaking is a challenge of balance; we want to match you into the best possible server and experience, which may take a few moments of waiting, but at the same time not have you waiting too long to deploy.

DICE is also working on making revives better. Buddy revive will be 2.5 seconds faster, which should be appreciated if you play in a squad with your friends. There was an issue where revives were delayed, that is also being worked on according to the devs.

Reinforcements will also be toned down as the feedback from conquest suggests that getting reinforcements was a bit too easy. That is something that DICE is looking to balance, so you should not have similar issues in the final build of the game.

Time to kill is also something that people talked about. While some people said that it was too quick other people said that it was just fine. DICE will be looking to balance that as well. According to DICE:

When it comes to the Time to Kill, or TTK, we’ve seen some polarizing feedback where some players felt they were being killed very fast when encountering enemies, while others felt the TTK was just right. This is something we will keep tweaking. It’s worth mentioning that TTK is not just determined by how powerful weapons are. For instance, it’s also related to how fast the game lets you react to being fired at. We’re looking at how fast can you assess a threat and understand from where the fire is coming.

The recoil of some guns have already been shifted upwards, next time you miss you won’t be able to blame your guns for it. Various controls and bug fixes are being worked on as we speak. The final build of the game should be much better and smoother than the closed alpha. There will be another testing phase if you are interested in taking part. For more news regarding Battlefield V stay tuned to SegmentNext.

Let us know what you think about Battlefield V and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out.

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