Battlefield TV Series Could be a Reality Soon

DICE has announced that a Battlefield TV series is going to be in the works soon. Paramount Television and Anonymous Content have bought the entertainment rights for the series from DICE and Electronic Arts.

2016 Academy Award Winner Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta from Anonymous Content will serve as executive producers on the show.

The possibility of a Battlefield TV series is actually something that could work out very well. Two other series focused around soldiers in conflict (Band of Brothers and The Pacific) have both been universally acclaimed for their realistic portrayal of warfare in all of its horror and pulse-pounding action.

Battlefield has often gotten praise for its amazing multiplayer and tight mechanics, but it has constantly been criticized for weak story campaigns that are full of plotholes and rely more on spectacle than anything more substantial.

A Battlefield TV series might allow the studio to show the horrors of war simply by following one group of soldiers fighting in a war rather than a small squad going through a special-operations plot.

These would all be much better to do on a Battlefield TV series, as we could get more information and a more coherent plot out of the show.

The Battlefield TV series would also likely be immensely successful, considering Battlefield has a massive fanbase that rivals Call of Duty (to the detriment of the internet and YouTube videos of either). Any Battlefield TV series would be a complete and utter ratings smash, and might only gain more viewers if it turns out to be good.

Considering Michael Sugar’s credentials, he would also be a very good choice for a director. He was the producer on a number of ambitious projects, including 2015’s critically acclaimed drama film Spotlight.

With him producing the TV series, hopefully it will turn out well. Anonymous Content’s own pedigree includes such positively-received shows as Mr. Robot and True Detective.

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