Battlefield Hardline Suspects with Warrants Locations ‘Bring Em to Justice Guide

From the first episode, you will encounter some suspects with warrants over their heads.

In order to find a suspect, use your scanner to tag an enemy and if you see a ‘BUST’ icon over his head, dispatch him and make the arrest.

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Battlefield Hardline Suspects with Warrants Locations

In order to make the arrest, always use handcuffs or T62-CEW. Although this activity is purely optional, completing all arrest will net your bonus XP and two Trophies or Achievements.

Episode #1: Back to School

Lawrence Kent
Location: You will see two vehicles entering the school courtyard. You need to scan the front seat of the first car to identify the suspect. After coming out of the vehicle, he will start guarding the schoolyard where you would be able to dispatch him.

Episode #2: Checking Out

Javier Rosado
Location: After reaching the hotel lobby, dispatch the two security guards patrolling inside. A little farther, you will find two security guards standing outside the exit. Javier Rosado is the one dressed in all black, standing on the right side.

Gary Volker
Location: Once you find Leo on the second floor of hotel lobby, wait until some armed flood the area. While staying hidden, scan them to find Gary Volker. Only use non-lethal takedowns to skim through the men and arrest Volko to complete this mission.

Episode #3: Gator Bait

Luis Minguez
Location: You need to head towards the everglades nature reserve and use your grappling hook to reach the other side of the fenced area. Once you are on the other side, use the scanner to identify three men with Luis Minguez standing among them. Use non-lethal takedowns to arrest the victims.

Thomas Bell
Location: Thomas Bell is located near the central area of the gator farm among some other criminals. Once again use your non-lethal takedowns to reach the suspect and arrest him.

Nathan Brown
Location: Nathan Brown can be seen wandering near the large barn near the lumbermill in the area. You will hardly face any resistance while dispatching this guy which makes him one of the easiest criminals to arrest.

Episode #4: Case Closed

Philip Evans
Location: You will come across an alarm box opposite the Domo Roboto Warehouse. Philip Evans roams near this alarm box – tag him and put him down using non-lethal takedown before arresting him.

Leonard Miller
Leonard Miller can be seen roaming the area in front of the mall with some other criminals. The idea is to scan Miller from the parking garage and then dispatching him using a non-lethal takedown.

Frankie Diaz
Location: In order to find Frankie Diaz, you need to head inside the mall and make your way to the first floor. I would highly suggest clearing the first floor of all enemies before moving in to arrest Diaz.

Xavier Gonzalez
Location: You will find Xavier Gonzalez inside the mall’s food court. The idea is to tag him from the balcony and then quickly dispatch him using your T62-CEW.

Episode #6: Out of Business

Edgar Kwok
Location: You need to reach the salvage yard warehouse and use the stairs on the right-side to reach the upper office. While standing there, use your scanner to tag Edgar Kwok and then go in for the arrest.

James Mun
Location: James Mun can be found hanging behind the salvage yard garage. Mun can be tagged from any side and dispatched using any non-lethal takedown you prefer.

Ji-hun Oh
Location: Jim-hun Oh can be found patrolling the area near the alarm box inside the chop shop. You need to take out his companions out followed by luring him outside to make the arrest.

Episode #7: Glass Houses

Cameron Briller
Location: You can find Cameron Briller sitting in the first floor living room after the meeting is over. Use your scanner to tag both of these enemies and approach with non-lethal takedowns to make the arrest.

Marvin Thomas
Location: You need to head to the tennis court to find Marvin Thomas patrolling the area. The rest of the story is as simple: move in quietly and use non-lethal means to arrest the man.

Episode #8: Sovereign Land

Jim Preston
Location: Just before heading inside the compound, use your scanner to identify and tag the enemies inside. Jim Preston can be found patrolling the inner circle of the trailers. Lure him out using any means necessary and handcuff him for further investigation.

Episode #9: Independence Day

Derek Kelly
Location: You will find Derek Kelly inside the lobby. You can either lure him away from his companions using distractions or sneak directly behind him to arrest him and complete this section.

John Starnes
Location: Take the elevator to the 20th floor and turn to your right-side. While standing there, tag the persons standing on the floor below. Make sure to dispatch all his foes before going in sneakily to arrest Starnes.

Episode #10: Legacy

Howard White
Location: One of the guys standing near the roadblock area is Howard White – near the alarm box. Move in while using distractions and use stealth to takedown his companions. Make sure to tag him before arresting him using non-lethal measures.

Lyle Feldman
Location: One of the criminals inside the central area of cabanas is Lyle Feldman. You need to takedown the guys in the outskirts first and then moving to the ones standing in the middle with Feldman.

Craig Foster
Location: You will find Craig Foster roaming near the northeast edge of the utility complex. You need to tag him from behind the fenced area followed by luring him out of compound using any means necessary to dispatch him using non-lethal measures.

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