Battlefield Hardline Professional Class Guide – Best Loauds, Tips, Weapons, Perks

The Professional is Battlefield Hardline’s take on the sniper class, but with a few unique twists. With long-range weaponry at its disposal, the Professional is the class best suited to those who love sniper rifles and the challenges that come with using them.

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Battlefield Hardline Professional Class

What makes the Professional different from conventional Sniper classes though is that they have a lot of stealth-based options available to them. Weapons like the .300 Knockout can completely change the way you play as the Professional, as can gadgets like Stealth Training.

The downsides are obviously still there: lack of proper close-quarters weaponry and almost zero anti-vehicle capabilities, but despite these disadvantages, the Professional is an exciting class to play with.

Reputation Perks

Level 1

Fast Climb – Climb ropes, ladders, and walls faster.

Reduced Fall – Your agility allows you to survive falling longer distances than others.

Level 2

Advanced Spot – Your targets stay spotted for a longer duration.

Fast Unspot – Your evasive nature reduces the time you stay spotted by opponents

Level 3

Hold Breath – You can hold your breath for longer, giving you a longer window of time to steady your scope.

Low Profile – Undetected by cameras and security cameras, except when sprinting.

Level 4

Fast Reload – Practice makes perfect—you can reload your weapons much faster.

Delayed Trigger – Laser tripmines and Sabotage have an extra delay before triggering, giving you a chance to avoid them.

Professional Weapons

Bolt-Action Rifles

Scout Elite
Cost: $0
It’s amazing that the rifle that costs absolutely nothing is probably the best and most stable of the bolt-action rifles. Extremely powerful, excellent control, high damage, and a smooth chambering action make this probably the most balanced sniper rifle in the game.

R700 Ltr
Cost: $48,000
Law Enforcement Only

The modified version of the R700 has immense range and accuracy, but can be a bit hard to control due to its heavy recoil.

Cost: $51,000
Criminals Only

This powerful modern bolt-action rifle fires an extremely powerful round with pin-point accuracy, but with its immense power comes a good recoil, which requires readjustment after the chambering.

.300 Knockout
Cost: Operator Assignment 2, Professional Syndicate
The .300 Knockout is a silenced medium-to-long ranged bolt-action sniper rifle with insane accuracy and control, making it perhaps the most reliable rifle amongst its competitors. However, unlocking it is a really demanding task (or multiple tasks).

Semi-Automatic Rifles

Socom 16
Cost: $24,000
Law Enforcement Only

The Socom 16 is a modern variant of the M14. It has good accuracy and decent damage. Compared to the M14, this rifle has less recoil, allowing for rapid follow-up shots.

SR-25 ecc
Cost: $40,200
Law Enforcement Only

The SR-25 is based on the AR-10, and has a mix of great accuracy and range, though you’ll need more than a couple of shots to eliminate your target.

Cost: $39,000
Criminals Only

Based on the G3 rifle, the PTR-91 has good range and decent damage, but its heavy recoil makes it rather inaccurate.

Saiga .308
Cost: $22,800
Criminals Only

And all-round semi-automatic rifle, the Saiga lies right between assault rifles and semi-autos as far as its damage, range, and accuracy is concerned.

Machine Pistols

Cost: $0
The fully automatic G18C has an intense firing rate and decent damage, but can be difficult to control due to its muzzle climb.

Cost: $10,800
This burst variant of the 92FS is highly accurate and has good control, but lacks a full-automatic option.

Cost: $19,200
Boasting a lower fire-rate than the previous two, the Tec-9 makes up for its deficiencies by offering incredible control and damage output.

Cost: Professional Assignment 2
The Mac-10 has very little range, but its insane firing rate (1145 rounds/min) can make it a great weapon for finishing off close-quarter enemies.

Professional Gadgets

Laser Tripmine
Cost: $0
The Laser Tripmine is a clever sticky grenade that will stick to floors, walls, ceilings, and just about any other surface. It emits a hard-to-detect laser (can be detected through IRNV) that triggers the explosive when an enemy passes by it.

The Laser tripmine is excellent for defensive purposes, especially when defending buildings in which you are sniping.

Cost: $6,000
The dome-shaped camera is a reconnaissance tool which detects and reports enemy movements in a wide 75 meter cone in front of it. Despite its rather short range, it is a great tool to have for patrolling key points in the map.

Cost: $25,800
This oddly shaped instrument is a noisemaker that plays fake firing and enemy movement sounds. It’s application is slightly limited, but it does help in luring opponents into ambushes.

Stealth Training
Cost: $48,000
Stealth Training is more of a skills upgrade than a gadget, but it does come in the form of a hood. It will greatly reduce the noise you emit while walking/running, and is extremely beneficial in modes like Rescue and Crosshair.

Professional Tactics

The Professional is a long-ranged class and truly works best as a sniper.

However, with the addition of some pretty powerful semi-automatics, machine pistols, and nifty gadgets, you can use the Professional class to conduct stealth-based operations as well.

The most conventional way to play as the Professional though is to use your bolt-action rifles for long-ranged shooting and reconnaissance. For this, you’ll need to find a safe and high spot with a good view.

Set up the area with laser tripmines and a camera, and then calmly observe through your scope, taking out easy targets from a distance, and reporting any that are beyond you reach.

If you manage to unlock the .300 Knockout, you can opt ot play the Professional in a much faster way. The Professional is by default a much faster version of the Sniper (comparable to Call of Duty snipers), but you can make them into close-to-medium quarters by using the .300 Knockout.

This weapon is a guaranteed one-shot kill from close-to-medium range, and the added benefit of a silencer can make it extremely useful in orders. Combined with Stealth Training, the Professional can become a silent assassin, which is very useful in Rescue and Crosshair.

The class does however really lack heavily in anti-vehicle capabilities. You can still get your way around in close-quarter situations if you’re good enough with the machine pistols, but there are almost no options for you against vehicles.

Yes, you could use laser tripmines, but their blast radius and damage isn’t as powerful as that of the Enforcer’s breaching charges, which is why it is best to stay away from the roads and stick to rocky terrain or buildings.

Professional Loadouts

The Head Hunter
Primary Weapon: Scout Elite w/t Rifle Scope (8x)
Sidearm: Tec-9
Gadget 1: Laser Tripmines
Gadget 2: Camera
Perks: Level 3 perks

This is probably the most basic and optimum way to play as the Professional. This is your regular sniper loadout, and the reason why I’ve chosen the Scout Elite sniper over the rest is because it seems to be the most stable.

It has excellent damage, excellent control, great range, and very high accuracy. For this very reason, the Professional is surprisingly the second easiest class to start off with after the Operator, because you get great weapons right from the get-go.

Laser tripmines will allow you to booby trap any and all entrances to the building or area you have set up position in, and the Camera will alert you of incoming enemies nearby.

This way, you can take out your Tec-9 and defend your flank instead of taking out players. One very important thing to remember is that snipers are also scouts, so spotting enemies is just as important as sniping them.

The Scout
Primary Weapon: Socom-16/PTR-91 w/t PSO-1 Scope, Canted Iron Sight
Sidearm: Tec-9
Gadget 1: Camera
Gadget 2: Tracking Dart
Perks: Level 2 Perks

The semi-automatic rifles are kind of difficult to use for long-ranged shooting, but a scout who walks around quite a lot could take good use of them. This is the kind of loadout you’ll play with the Professional if sitting at one place and sniping away seems boring to you.

The semi-autos aren’t as powerful as the bolt-action, but they are much more accurate than assault rifles, which is why they can be equipped with a 4x scope (medium-ish range) to shoot enemies.

Combine that with the close range Tec-9 and you’re good to go. Your primary objective will be to use your gadgets to gather as much intel as possible. This really helps your team when you’re playing Conquest or Heist, and you’ll rack up tons of spot-assists by playing this kind of way.

It certainly isn’t the simplest method to play the Professional, but it definitely is a selfless one.

The Assasssin
Primary Weapon: .300 Knockout
Sidearm: 93R
Gadget 1: Laser Tripmine
Gadget 2: Stealth Training
Perks: Level 3 perks

Ah yes, the newest and coolest way to play the Professional is only possible with the awesome .300 Knockout rifle. This naturally silenced sniper rifle takes a lot of effort and time to unlock, but once you do, you won’t exchange it for anything.

It will also allow you to take an extremely sneaky and stealthy approach to Battlefield: Hardline, something not everyone will intend to do. You can also apply your stealth approach to Rescue and Crosshair game modes, where they tend to work best.

Overall, this is the newest and most exciting way to play an otherwise well-known class in Battlefield.

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