Battlefield Hardline Operator Class Guide – Best Loadouts, Tips, Weapons, Perks

Operators in Battlefield: Hardline are the game’s primary assaulters, and are reminiscent of previous Battlefield games’ Assault class.

Similar to Battlefield 3 and 4, Operators will have the option of being conventional assaulters or carrying out the duties of medics. This makes this class the most important and standard of them all.

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Battlefield Hardline Operator Class

Operators in general excel at ground infantry combat, but will have a lot of difficulty against vehicles. For this reason, they will need to work in close collaboration with their Mechanic teammates to tackle vehicles whenever they come.

Reputation Perks

Level 1
Extra Magazines – Increases the number of primary weapon magazines carried.

Fast Climb – Climb ropes, ladders, and walls faster.

Level 2
Fast Ready – Practice allows you to bring your weapons to bear faster after sprinting.

Healing Upgrade – An improved First Aid Pack increases the rate of healing.

Level 3

Fast Aim – All that time on the firing range has paid off—you can bring your weapon to bear faster when aiming down sights.

Revive Upgrade – Advanced training allows you to revive teammates at full health without needing a full charge.

Level 4

Fast Reload – Practice makes perfect—you can reload your weapons much faster.

Fast Swap – Knowing your equipment and practicing transitions allows you to rapidly swap between weapons and gadgets.



Cost: $0

The default weapon for the Operator, the R0933 acts as a hybrid between a submachine gun and an assault rifle. As a result, it possesses high stopping power and rate of fire, but lacks the necessary range and accuracy for long-ranged shooting.

Cost: $21,600

The SG553 is a compact assault rifle that has decent accuracy and range. However, it is generally slower than most ARS and the RO933, although it makes up for it through its maneuverability.

Cost: $21,000

The powerful submachine variant of the famous AK-47, the 74U has a good amount of accuracy and decent firing rate, though it lacks range for operators who prefer to aim from a distance.

Cost: $42,000

A more compact variant of the famous G36 rifle comes in the form of the G36C. It still manages to retain the accuracy and high firing rate of its big brother, but has less stopping power and range, while being more maneuverable.

Cost: $37,500

A standard amongst most Operators, the renowned M16 carbine has an extremely fast firing rate, great control and accuracy, and good range, making it a balanced weapon for most.

Cost: $43,800

The M416 is a cross between the M16 and the G36, and because of its gas piston system, it offers a very high rate of fire. Combined with fantastic accuracy and range, the M416 is a wonderful weapon for medium-ranged Operators.

Cost: $12,000

The AKM is a modern variant of the infamous AK-47, and like its inspiration has heavy stopping power, good accuracy. However, its heavy recoil makes it a weapon that takes practice to master.

Cost: Operator SYNDICATE

A cross between the M416 and an AK-47 results in the ARM, with a gas piston that increases the accuracy and range of an already powerful prototype.


Cost: $0

The highly accurate 92FS is a common sidearm for most law enforcement agencies. It packs a decent punch and has good control.

Cost: $17,400

The ergonomic design of the P226 makes it a great weapon to handle, and its value is further justified by its good accuracy and damage.

Cost: $6,000

If you’re looking for a pistol with an amazing hip accuracy, then the CZ-75 is the right choice for you.

Cost: Operator Assignment 2
The G17 is a popular pistol with large stopping powerful and a very low muzzle climb, making it an excellent sidearm to have for any Operator.

Operator Gadgets

First Aid Pack
The Operator also acts as a medic, similar to the Assault class from the previous Battlefield games. This is the first default gadget available to the Operator.

Whenever it is tossed into the battlefield, players who stand near it will automatically get healed over time. Healing others will earn you a lot of healing bonus points, which can lead to faster promotions.

Cost: $7,800

If you are downed by a roadkill or an explosive attack, the Survivalist Gadget will be there for you. You’ll have the option to use this kit any time a car runs over you or you are a victim to an explosion.

Injecting yourself with it will revive you, but only with 10% health, making you extremely vulnerable.

Cost: $14,000

The Defibrillator needs no introduction to Battlefield veterans. This gadget will help you revive downed teammates, and can also be used to kill enemies through shock, provided it has been charged properly.

Unlike Battlefield 4, the Defibrillator in Hardline is not limited to three charges. Instead, there is a cooldown period between every revive attempt. Note that the Defibrillator is exclusively for the Law Enforcement.

Cost: $14,400

The Adrenaline shot is the criminal answer to the Defibrillator. It comes in the form of an injection that is used to revive downed teammates.

The longer you hold down the trigger when reviving, the more health your teammate will receive. Like the Defibrillator, the Revive gadget can also be used to kill enemies. However, you’ll need a full dose for that.

Operator Tactics

Operators are versatile but will primarily work as medics or pure assaulters in the game. There are generally a few directions you can go with as an Operator for either team (Law Enforcement or Criminals).

If you’re playing as a conventional assaulter, you’ll have to be the core of your team. This means running around a lot, and making sure that you lead primarily from the front. It also means providing cover for the Mechanics and other classes.

One thing that Operators lack in is anti-vehicle capabilities. For this reason, it’s important to stay off the roads whenever possible, and move from building to building. The medium ranged weapons are designed for this, and as an Operator you’ll often have to play at a slightly slower pace than a Mechanic or other SMG wielding class.

When playing as a medic, the Operator’s potential is fully exploited. Using your First Aid Kit effectively will get you tons of points and make you a valuable asset to the team.

In such circumstances, it is usually best to play a game that focuses on supporting your allies instead of leading the assaults. Your positioning should be such that you have easy access to all your allies, in case they need revival or first aid.

Lastly, you could also slap on a ACOG on your rifle and act as a secondary to the snipers.

While the Operator isn’t exactly meant to be played like this, players who have good long-range aim will love to use the different firing modes on the assault rifles to chip away enemies from a distance. This kind of an Operator is particularly useful when defending different zones.

Operator Loadouts

Based on the tactics explained above, here are a few loadouts that you should consider when playing as an Operator in Battlefield Hardline:


  • Primary Weapon: M16A3 w/t Kobra Sight, Muzzle Brake, and Angled Grip
  • Sidearm: G17 Pistol
  • Gadget 1: T62 CEW Taser
  • Gadget 2: Survivalist
  • Perks: Level 4 Perks

The conventional operator is your standard assaulter. For this loadout, you’ll be carrying the trusty M16A3.

The M416 is a good choice too, but it is a little heavier and will make you less mobile. Stick a Kobra site on your weapon – these dot sites are the fastest when you aim.

The Taser and Survivalist will act as your gadgets, the former being very useful in stunning enemies in close-corridors. As an assaulter your job will be to get into the heat of the battle and attempt to hold the ground while your allies take positions.

You’ll need decent mobility, but more importantly you’ll need a mixture of fire-rate, survival, positioning, and range. Since your primary focus will be to provide the bulk of the fire, you’ll have to reload often and change your equipment regularly, which is why the Level 4 perks work the best.

Distant Operator

  • Primary Weapon: M416 w/t PO Scope, Extended Mag, and Heavy Barrel
  • Sidearm: CZ-75 Pistol
  • Gadget 1: Zipline Bow
  • Gadget 2: Survivalist
  • Perks: Level 1 Perks

The Distant operator loadout is one of several ways to play the Operator class.

For this, you’ll need a slightly heavier but high-fire rate weapon like the M416 with a good scope. We’ve chosen the PO Scope, since it’s the one that seems to have the fastest aiming amongst the medium-ranged scopes.

The distant operator is supposed to play like a hybrid of a conventional operator and a sniper. You won’t have that camouflage or high-velocity sniper rifle, but you will have enough to ensure that you can pick out enemies from high ground. For this reason, the Level 1 Perks suit the best.

While an extended magazine may sound counter-productive for a distance shooters, you’d be surprised by how useful it can be. The reason for this is that you won’t have the same precision of a sniper – you’ll rely on burst shots, and miss plenty.

Secondly, an extended mag allows you to spray bullets at anyone who gets close while you’re targeting far away enemies without reloading.

As a distant operator you’ll need to be less mobile, and search regularly for higher ground. Once you find a good place to camp, simply provide constant burst fire for your teams. It’s an effective and smart way to play for those who prefer tactics over speed.


  • Primary Weapon: R0933 w/t Kobra, Muzzle Brake, and Stubby Grip
  • Sidearm: CZ-75 Pistol
  • Gadget 1: First Aid Kit
  • Gadget 2: Revive/Defibrillator
  • Perks: Level 2 or Level 3 perks

The Medic is probably the most selfless way to play an Operator, and also the most often appreciated.

Medics will need to be extremely mobile, which is why the seemingly strange choice of an R0933 is the best. This weapon gives you great mobility, and with the stubby grip and muzzle brake, will provide enough stability to shooting and run towards those in need.

The Medic has to apply him/herself in the most effective way possible, in the sense that you should be looking to heal your team members at all times. Throw First Aid Kits out in safe but reachable areas for your teammates regularly, and provide cover for them when they are getting healed.

Similarly, you’ll need to be on the lookout for any downed teammates you can revive as well. That’s not to say that a medic Operator cannot participate in primary objectives of a game mode, but the emphasis should always be on helping teammates, since you’re the one with the health supplies.

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