Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Producer Comments On Shrinking PC Community

Battlefield Hardline came out in March and since then the title has received mixed reactions. I for one actually liked the game but I really felt the lack of content it offered compared to Battlefield 4. Still, I was happy that at least the game works.

In terms of sales, Battlefield Hardline has been doing well on consoles, but Battlefield community on PC has been shrinking, which is also indicated when EA ignored PC sales numbers during the recent earnings call.

It was revealed that 80% of Hardline sales are courtesy of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So is Visceral planning to do something to boost interest in the PC community? Speaking about the situation, Zach Mumbach, Multiplayer Producer said the following:

Battlefield 4’s got some sweet hot new netcode. It feels really good. Awesome. We actually helped them with that. As soon as our CTE comes out, we’re going to roll that netcode in there and then we’re going to roll it to the main game.

He further added:

This is a huge part in sort of getting the PC community back into the game. When the game came out, the first few days, we had good numbers on PC. Obviously, people are not playing heavily on PC right know. We know that. We’re not going to abandon PC. We want those PC players.

Mumbach continued by saying that the easy answer for them is to abandon the platform as they are doing really well on consoles. However, they aren’t going to do that, he assured fans.

PC is an important platform for the company and they are looking for ways to build back interest in Hardline and in Battlefield in general. According to the Mumbach, the first step for them is to get the netcode to the CTE, “get it working, get it into the game.”

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