Battlefield Hardline Mechanic Class Guide – Best Loadouts, Tips, Weapons, Perks

The Mechanic class in Battlefield: Hardline is very much like the Engineer class in previous Battlefield games. Equipped with powerful anti-vehicle capabilities and rapid-firing SMGs, the Mechanic is an essential asset to any squad in the game.

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Battlefield Hardline Mechanic Class

The downside to this versatile class is that their weaponry lacks range. You’ll be forced to play close-quarters, which isn’t something everyone is comfortable with.

Reputation Perks

Level 1

Extra Grenade – You can carry an additional grenade, whether it’s a frag, flashbang, or other throwable.

Flak Jacket – Reduces explosive damage, allowing the wearer to survive an otherwise lethal blast.

Level 2

Extra 40mm Grenades – Increases the amount of carried 40mm grenade launcher ammunition.

Fast Repair – Increases the effectiveness of the Repair Tool.

Level 3

Fast Aim – All that time on the firing range has paid off—you can bring your weapon to bear faster when aiming down sights.

Delayed Trigger – Tripmines and Sabotage have an extra delay before triggering, giving you a chance to avoid them.

Level 4

Fast Reload – Practice makes perfect—you can reload your weapons much faster.

Fast Swap – Knowing your equipment and practicing transitions allows you to rapidly swap between weapons and gadgets.

Mechanic Weapons

Submachine Guns

Cost: $0

The MP5K is the shortened version of the renowned MP5 SMG, and like its parent counterpart it also has a combination of high firing rate and good control. The multiple firing modes also give this gun a lot versatility, despite its shorter range.

Cost: $10,200
Criminals Only

The UMP was designed to give more stopping power than the MP5. It certainly has more damage, but that penalizes the control and fire rate of the weapon.

Cost: $19,800
Law Enforcement Only

The MPX has two firing modes – semi-auto and full automatic. The light machinegun has a mixture of good firing rate and damage, though it is a bit hard to control. It is however faster to reload than other SMGs.

Cost: $33,000
Law Enforcement Only

Despite its blistering 1,200 rounds per minute rate of fire, the K10 has an amazing control thanks to its recoil compensation system, making it excellent for close-quarter combat.

Cost: $18,000
Criminals Only

The renowned Uzi has great control, decent firing rate, and surprisingly good accuracy for a SMG at medium range, making it a popular choice for Mechanics.

Cost: $30,000
Criminals Only

The hard-hitting P90 is a compact but powerful SMG with a high rate of fire (900 rounds/minute), but its design allows for excellent control. Two magazines with 25 rounds each at once allows the P90 to be used as a spray gun (only that it sprays bullets)

Cost: $9,000
Law Enforcement Only

The M/45 is a WW2 weapon that has been modernized. The dependable SMG has excellent control and a large magazine size that allows for persistent combat in close-to-medium range.

Cost: Enforcer Syndicate

One of the new generation, ultra-lightweight SMGs, the FMG9’s combination of fantastic accuracy, high firing rate (950), and amazing control make it a force to be reckoned with.


.38 Snub
Cost: $0

The tiny Snub is a popular firearm for its light weight and quick draw. You’ll be surprised by how accurate this little revolver is.

.357 RS
Cost: $16,800

What makes the RS different from other revolvers is that it can hold two extra bullets in its cylinder. It hits hard, is accurate, but extremely difficult to control due to its recoil.

.44 Magnum
Cost: $16,800

The powerful magnum is a high-caliber revolver that hits hard. However, you’ll need some well-trained wrists to deal with the intense recoil.

.410 Jury
Cost: Mechanic Assignment 2

Want a shotgun in the form of a sidearm? The Jury is there to serve you. This handgun fires buckshot-packed shells, and is known as the ultimate close-quarters handgun.


M320 HE
Cost: $0

The M320 HE is a grenade launcher used by the Law Enforcement. It’s a powerful launcher that works very well against infantry and light vehicles. You’ll also find yourself using it to punch walls and hit opponents with indirect fire.

This is no rocket launcher though, so you’ll need to work out the trajectory you fire it with to get the right distance. It’ll take practice, but once you get the hang of it, the M320 grenade launcher will become your best friend for destroying vehicles and terrorizing criminals.

Cost: $0

The M79 is the grenade launcher used by the Criminals. It may be old in design and have a slightly slower reload time, but the general concept and application is exactly like the Law Enforcement’s M320 HE.

Repair Tool
Cost: $5,400

A Mechanic wouldn’t be a Mechanic without the Repair Tool. This handy tool is an oxy-fuel welding and cutting torch that you’ll use to repair friendly vehicles, or damage enemy vehicles.

You can also repair vehicles with this tool while sitting inside them. You can also fry opponents with this tool if you wish. Note that vehicle repairing, you’ll be extremely vulnerable, so make sure there is support around you.

Ideally, you should be attempting repairs while sitting inside the vehicle yourself.

Satellite Phone
Cost: $27,000

The Satellite Phone acts as a spawn beacon for your teammates. Much like in the previous Battlefield games, placing the Satellite Phone anywhere on the map will allow other players in your team to spawn on them.

Be careful though; if you decide to spawn on your own Satellite Phone, it will blow up, so make sure you avoid that or have an extra one ready to put down when you do. Enemies can also destroy your Satellite Phone when they spot it, so make sure you place it somewhere safe and away from danger.

Cost: $30,000

The Sabotage bomb is your true method of trapping vehicles, objectives, and interaction points. It is deployed like a C4, except that it has a much larger footprint and takes time to plant.

It’s certainly not as versatile as the Enforcer’s Breaching Charges though. Note that Sabotage can only be placed in predetermined locations, which vary according to the map and game mode.

You’ll see the explosive charge placement icon on your HUD whenever you equip them.

Armored Insert
Cost: $33,000

Since the Mechanic has to run around repairing vehicles, and doesn’t really have long-ranged weaponry to take use of, it’s usually advisable to add a bullet-proof vest. This comes in the form of the Armored Insert.

This will provide you with extra protection, and is an absolute lifesaver in most close-quarter combat scenarios, especially when dealing with shotgun-wielding enemy Enforcers. Keep in mind that this will only just buy you 1 or 2 seconds of time during firefights, and does not reduce damage taken to head or limbs.

Mechanic Tactics

The Mechanic is a powerful ally for all the other classes, as they will form the bulk of the infiltration unit. Sure, the Enforcer might be the one carrying the shotguns, but the rapid-firing SMGs and high armor will allow the Mechanics to lead from the front, while the Operators provide covering fire.

Generally, the best way to play a Mechanic is to actually play as the support player who will repair vehicles and take out other vehicles with Sabotage or grenade launcher.

You won’t be at the bulk of the fighting and will mostly stick to the roads because of this, but a good Mechanic is a huge threat, as he/she allows friendly vehicles to dominate the battlefield.

The second way to play a Mechanic is to use them as infiltrators. Equipped with SMGs, they are excellent at infiltration in game modes such as Heists, and can set the tempo for your remaining team. For Conquest, it is generally advisable to play Mechanics the more conventional way.

Mechanic Loadouts

Based on the tactics explained above, here are a few loadouts that you should consider when playing as a Mechanic in Battlefield: Hardline.

Your Everyday Mechanic

Primary Weapon: UMP-45/M45 with Kobra sight, Muzzle Brake, Extended Magazine.
Sidearm: .357 RS
Gadget 1: Grenade Launcher
Gadget 2: Repair Tool
Perks: Any Level 2 perk

This loadout will provide you with everything you need to become a good, dependable Mechanic for your team. The reason for the UMP/M45 is their relatively slower rate of fire allows for less muzzle climb and better control.

Also, these two weapons have the best range of the lot. This will give you better range than a more infiltrator oriented Mechanic.

The muzzle brake will further reduce recoil and improve accuracy, while the extended mag should reduce the number of times you have to reload when in a heated battle.

The gadgets are the core of this loadout, as they will be what your entire game is based on as a conventional Mechanic. The Grenade Launcher should be used for harassing enemies and light vehicles.

However, you should never restrict yourself to these. Instead, it should be this kind of Mechanic’s job to search for rocket launchers/Stinger missile launchers when he/she is not repairing vehicles.

When you are repairing vehicles, you should always do so while sitting inside one for better protection. It’s never a good idea to repair a vehicle from the outside, except when its near your base and you have no real worries to contend with.

The Infiltrator

Primary Weapon: K10/P90 w/t Red Dot Sight, Extended Mag (K10)/Laser Sight (P90), Suppressor
Sidearm: .410 Jury
Gadget 1: Sabotage
Gadget 2: Armored Insert
Perks: Level 4 Perks

The Infiltrator is the second way you can play a Mechanic. The class is fairly versatile in application, and in game modes like Heist and Blood money you will need to play the Mechanic as an infiltrator.

For this role, you’ll need a rapid-firing weapon that is quick and quiet. There’s nothing better than the K10 or P90 (depending on the side) for this job. The suppressor will allow you to remain quiet, and it an annoyingly effective way to kill players without attracting attention from nearby opponents.

The fact that it nullifies the muzzle flash also helps. You should have an Extended Magazine for the K10, simply because the weapon’s 25 capacity magazine is too short for its ridiculous 1,200 rounds/minute firing rate.

For the P90, use the Laser Sight to improve your hip-fire accuracy. As an infiltrator, you don’t need to give a crap about vehicles.

Let the conventional Mechanic handle those. Therefore, grab the necessary infiltration gadgets in the form of Sabotage and Armored Insert. The latter will be a life-saver in close-quarter combats.

The Mechanic on Steroids

Primary Weapon: MPX/Uzi w/t HOLO, Laser Sight, Vertica Grip
Sidearm: .44 Magnum
Gadget 1: Grenade Launcher
Gadget 2:
Armored Insert
Perks: Flack Jacket

Okay, we have done that professional Mechanic, we’ve done that highly trained infiltrator.

What’s next? How about a Mechanic who goes out of his way to cause havoc? That sounds nice, and it works surprisingly well with this loadout, but you’ll need to be brave and highly mobile to be effective.

A Mechanic on steroids is the guy who’ll pop up somewhere on the map, destroy a few vehicles, jump around shooting with his/her Uzi, then disappear, only to be found elsewhere after a while. Having such a player in your team is excellent.

Having one in the opponent team is not fun. In order to play like this, you’ll need a lot of mobility, but more importantly you’ll need to be an opportunist. The Armored Insert, Flack Jacket, and Grenade Launcher combo can only mean one thing: you’re ready for destruction.

Spot any fire-exchange going around the map, read it, then jump into it with your launcher, your rapid-firing, decent ranged weapons, then jump out of action. Rinse and repeat.

Such a style of play is extremely useful in Conquest mode, as players who are defending/capturing points would love a helping hand from a wanderer like yourself.

You’ll have a lot of deaths, but this mobile, intense loadout will let you have the funnest, most out-of-the-book Mechanic experience ever.

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