Battlefield Hardline Enforcer Class Guide – Best Loadouts, Tips, Weapons, Perks

The Enforcer class in Battlefield: Hardline is somewhat of a successor to the Support class from previous Battlefield games, though it lacks the necessary ranged combat skills. What really sets the Enforcer apart is that it is a highly defensive class that works best in close-quarters and indoors.

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Battlefield Hardline Enforcer Class

There are plenty of upsides to the Enforcer’s game: high-paced gameplay, excellent indoors influence, powerful defensive support. However, there are also quite a few downsides, such as the lack of range, and the inability to handle vehicles as effectively as the Mechanic.

Reputation Perks

Level 1

Fast Throw -Keeping your grenade accessible means you can deploy it in the heat of battle much faster.

Reduced Fall – Your agility allows you to survive falling longer distances than others.

Level 2

Fast Ready – Practice allows you to bring your weapons to bear faster after sprinting.

Upgraded Ammo Box – You carry two ammo boxes into battle, allowing you to resupply yourself and other teammates.

Level 3

Fast Aim – All that time on the firing range has paid off—you can bring your weapon to bear faster when aiming down sights.

Extra Charges – Carry and deploy more breaching charges at one time.

Level 4

Increased Suppression – Experience with suppressive fire increases the effect of suppression on opponents.

Reduced Suppression – Confidence under fire reduces the effects of suppression on you.

Enforcer Weapons


870P Magnum
Cost: $0
The reliable 870P is your regular nickel-plated pump-action shotgun with good range and high damage.

37 Stakeout
Cost: $6,000
Law Enforcement Only

The Stakeout doesn’t have the range of the Magnum, but it is extremely powerful at close range.

Cost: $50,000
Criminals Only

With a capacity of 9 shells and a semi-automatic action, the SPAS is a deadly close-range weapon, but can be difficult to control due to its recoil.

Double-Barrel Shotgun
Cost: Enforcer Syndicate
The double-barreled shotgun may seem like an antique piece, but it can send an enemy flying, provided he/she is close enough.

Battle Rifles

Cost: $26,400
Law Enforcement Only

The shortened version of the effective SCAR assault rifle, this variation is best suited for close-to-medium range, and has reasonable damage for players to take use of.

Cost: $37,200
Law Enforcement Only

The HCAR is a heavy, modernized version of the WW2 BAR rifle. The weapon has high stopping power, and is effective in any range, provided you can control its recoil.

Cost: $25,000
Criminals Only

This modern rifle is a variation of the FAL, and has a mix of power and good range, though its recoil can make it difficult to handle at times.

Cost: $34,800
Criminals Only

A cut-down G3A3 that has been modified to function like an MP5, the HK51’s size makes it highly maneuverable, but its recoil make it difficult to manage.


Cost: $0
The ergonomically well-designed 45T has a high recoil, but once it is mastered, it serves as an excellent sidearm due to its power.

Cost: $13,200
Law Enforcement Only

This famous handgun needs no introduction, as it has served its purpose for nearly a century.

.40 Pro
Cost: $7,200
Criminals Only

The large magazine size, good accuracy, and decent damage make the .40 Pro a popular sidearm in the civilian market.

Bald Eagle>
Cost: Enforcer Assignment 2
A variant of the famous Desert Eagle, the Bald Eagle has insane stopping power, but its high recoil makea it rather inaccurate and difficult to control.

Enforcer Gadgets

Ammo Box
Cost: $0
The Ammo Box needs no introduction to veteran Battlefield players. It allows you to supply ammunition to other players, which can earn you credit and experience.

In Hardline, you do not have to necessarily throw out the box anymore; friendly players can come and take ammo from you while standing near you, provided you have the gadget.

Ballistic Shield
Cost: $18,000
This heavy bullet-proof shield is great at blocking incoming fire, even from the most powerful rifles and heavy machineguns.

However, deploying the shield will require you to holster you weapon, so it is only really useful when working with your squad. It’s melee attack is quite useful at close range, but it takes two solid strikes to KO an opponent.

Breaching Charge
Cost: $23,400
The Breaching Charge is the real deal for the Enforcer class. It works similar to a C4, except that it has a much smaller footprint, making it easier to toss and harder to spot.

The explosive sticks to most surfaces, including vehicles, after which you can explode it with your detonator.

Enforcer Tactics

The Enforcer is a versatile class in Battlefield: Hardline, but can be a difficult one to play with for most beginners.

It takes a lot of inspiration from the Support class in previous Battlefield games, but unlike the Support class, Enforcers don’t really have any Heavy Machineguns to take use of.

This greatly limits the range of the Enforcer, and forces players who play this class to adapt an aggressive approach. For modes like Rescue and Heist, the Enforcer is an excellent choice though.

You can play the class as either a support class or as a ‘tank’, utilizing the Ballistic Shield to protect allies. The Enforcer can also play as a demolition expert, with highly objective based gameplay that looks to destroy buildings/vehicles.

You could call the class a specialist defender class for what it has to offer. Determining your play-style with the Enforcer is fairly easy, but executing it to benefit your squad can be difficult.

Use your shotguns or battle-rifles to carve your way, and try to work from building-to-buildings; Enforcers aren’t the best when in open environment.

Enforcer Loadouts

Based on the tactics above, here are a few suggestive loadouts that you can try out with the Enforcer:

The Support
Primary Weapon: 870P Magnum w/t Laser Sight, Modified Choke
Sidearm: 45T
Gadget 1: Ammo Box
Gadget 2: T62 CEW
Perks: Level 2 Perks

This is probably the more typical way to play the Enforcer in close-quarter situations.

Using a shotgun will probably greatly limit your application outdoors, but you want to move from building to building, providing your teammates with ammunition through the Ammo Box, and helping your team out by stunning and interrogating opponents.

The Modified Choke on the 870P will help to increase its range, but your hip-fire accuracy will suffer.

In order to compensate for that, you should use a laser sight. This way, you’ll be able to get a surprisingly great range from a powerful shotgun, possibly one-shoting opponents at medium range.

The Defender
Primary Weapon: 37 Stakeout/SPAS-12 w/t Laser Sight
Sidearm: M1911A1
Gadget 1: Ammo Box
Gadget 2:
Ballistic Shield
Perks: Level 2 Perks

This type of Enforcer is one you should be playing in Heist, Rescue, and Crosshair. The Defender’s best utility will be the Ballistic Shield, which can give protection to VIPs or other teammates after the necessary infiltration.

The Enforcer class is naturally highly defensive, which is why it is such a great choice for the above mentioned game modes in Hardline.

You should however try to practice using the Ballistic Shield beforehand, as it can sometimes be difficult to position yourself to properly defend your allies when it is deployed.

Demolition Man
Primary Weapon: SCAR-H/SA-58 OSW w/t M145 Sight, Heavy Barrel, Vertical Grip
Sidearm: M1911A1
Gadget 1: Ammo Box
Gadget 2: Breaching Charge
Perks: Level 3 Perks

This is my personal favorite way of playing the Enforcer.

The problem with shotguns is obviously the range and the restriction to closed environments. That restriction is eliminated when using battle-rifles. Sadly, these rifles aren’t as powerful as Heavy Machineguns, but they do have good damage and decent range.

Sticking a M145 sight and some stability associated attachments should allow you to operate at medium to long range with battle-rifles.

The main part of this loadout though is the Breaching Charge. These charges are perfect for booby-trapping control points and other parts of the map, and also excellent for sabotaging vehicles.

This should be your main purpose with the Demolition Enforcer.

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