Battlefield Hardline Dust Bowl Map Has a Driveable Couch

We have seen plenty of weird and hilarious things in the past Battlefield games. Some were due to bugs or just being at the right place at the right time.

However, I never thought I would see something like this. Battlefield Hardline features a driveable couch. Yes, it does!

It’s hard to believe but check out the video above and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The Easter Egg was found by a Youtuber named JackFrags. Famous for his Battlefield videos, Jackfrags has managed to locate this couch on the Dust Bowl map of Battlefield Hardline.

I recently participated in the beta for Hardline and I didn’t notice such a thing. Maybe it’s because on one expected a random couch to be driveable and just went past it. You know how it is during that 64 player mayhem, you don’t notice many things on the map.

In the video, you can see up to four players taking the couch for a spin, while also road-killing enemies along the way. It’s pretty hilarious, maybe the killer couch is also available on other maps. The gameplay you see is from the Xbox One version of the game which is available for a free trial on EA Access.

According to Jack, the couch is named the “American Dream” and when you road-kill someone with it, it appears as “Merica” on the screen. Apparently, killing people from the comfort of a couch is the new American Dream, according to Battlefield Hardline.

See the video to know where you can find it and let us know of your reactions in the comments.

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