Battlefield Hardline Crashes, Errors, FPS, Tweaks, Performance, Lag and Fixes

EA is desperate to keep its Battlefield franchise fresh for millions of fans around the globe. Battlefield Hardline is another attempt to achieve that goal and we sure have divided opinions for the latest iteration in the franchise.

I for one believe that franchise like Battlefield and Call of Duty could do better by not being annual releases. That however, might not be a feasible option from the business point of view and here we are again with yet another Battlefield game.

Battlefield 4 was a disastrous launch and many PC gamers (along with the console audience) were left in agony with a lot of issues.

Although the game got better with time but that was enough to make us skeptical about Hardline’s launch. Well, the good news is, Battlefield Hardline isn’t looking that bad with relatively fewer problems to deal with.

And if you are looking for a fix or a workaround for Battlefield Hardline, go through following workarounds for general issues of the game.

#1 EA Access Episode 1 Restart Issue
If you have purchased a retail version and have used EA access to clear Prologue and Episode 1, you will have to play episode 1 again to proceed to the episode 2.

It’s a known bug and that’s the only workaround for the time but if you want, you can stay hopeful that it will somehow be fixed among other plethora of issues that Battlefield Hardline might encounter around launch.

#2 Battlefield Hardline – How to Increase FPS, Better Performance
Being a PC user, you have the freedom to customize your experience by using different tweaks and custom config. I am not going in details on how you can do that however, this link should be sufficient to get you started when it comes to tweaking game’s graphics for performance.

#3 Battlefield Hardline Ban Codes/Errors
If your account code has been restricted/banned and you have received a code, you can use this description to know what exactly went wrong.

Obviously, if you are not at fault, you can always file a dispute:

#4 Battlefield Hardline DirectX Crash after a Game or Two
If your game is crashing due to directX, make sure that you are using latest version of GPU drivers. Also, if your hardware is overclocked, try bringing it back to normal speed.

#5 Battlefield Hardline – How to Fix Punkbuster Errors
As you might already know, Battlefield Hardline uses Punkbuster as an anti-cheat tool. If you are receiving anything Punkbuster related, you should try updating it to resolve the issue. You can do that as following:

  • Download the updater from this link.
  • Runt it as Administrator.
  • Choose the game (Battlefield Hardline in this case) and press update.

If that doesn’t work, you can try re-installing the Punkbuster.

#6 Battlefield Hardline Game Won’t Start on Xbox One
If your game is not starting on Xbox One, you may want to powercycle your console to work. Fixes many software issues and should work for Hardline.

#7 Battlefield Hardline Plugin Issue
Although the browser based battlelog provides options, it can be a real pain in the ass especially when it does not like your browser or the way you have configured it.

You need to make sure that your browser isn’t blocking the plugin.

#8 Battlefield Hardline Full Screen/Menu Bug
If your menu is zoomed in at a particular section and the rest is invisible, you should try disabling some third party programs and EVGA Precision X is top on the list.

#9 Battlefield Hardline Connection Issues
Connectivity is crucial in games like Battlefield. If you are getting high latency than usual, try restarting your router first.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, you should make sure that your firewall is not blocking the game. You should also look into your router settings and make sure that following ports are not blocked for Battlefield Hardline.

#10 Battlefield Hardline Purchase Issues
A lot of users have reported that they were unable to purchase the game due to some error. EA is aware of the issue, and if you too are having that issue, I encourage you to contact them directly here.

If you are facing any other issues regarding Battlefield Hardline or have a fix of your own, share with us in the comments below!