Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal DLC Will Release on March 8

If you’re a fan of living out action movie fantasies and first person shooters, you probably own Battlefield Hardline, DICE’s most recent foray into the Battlefield universe. Focusing on battles between cops and criminals, Hardline quickly gained a following on its multiplayer due to the wide variety of game modes.

The trailer for the game’s new and final DLC, entitled “Betrayal,” almost plays out like an action movie itself. It shows off a prison breakout/robbery followed by a high-speed chase between criminals and police. Gunfights and explosions abound, and end with a twist that definitely codifies the title as a policeman suddenly shoots his comrades to save a criminal.

Betrayal will bring a variety of new content to Hardline, including new maps, new weapons (including swords!), and new vehicles as Battlefield Hardline players get to fight through the federal prison Alcatraz, New York mausoleums and cemeteries, the deserted back alleys of New York’s Chinatown, and the freezing forests of the Sierra Madre – though at least there you’ll have the burning wreck of an airliner to keep you warm, if the adrenaline doesn’t already.

The pack will also include a Gun Bench function, which will allow players to take up to five guns and customize them to their liking, such as sights, wear and tear, camo, and even the gun’s color. These weapons will be testable on the DLC’s Gun Range, allowing you to see how they look before taking them into battle online.

Players can also customize their uniforms, with 16 different uniforms able to be customized and worn by players.

“Betrayal” will release in March for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Battlefield Hardline: Premium players get the DLC two weeks earlier than other players that are not subscribed to the Premium program.