Battlefield Games Are Now Available on Steam

If you’ve been looking for a way to access your favorite Battlefield games in a way that doesn’t require getting them on Origin, EA has actually thrown us a boon today. You can now access every single Battlefield title on Steam, starting today, along with many other EA titles, without Origin.

This is likely an extension on EA’s partnership with Valve that the company embarked on last year, which will allow EA Access, EA’s own personal streaming service, to be available on the Steam website. In order to make this possible, EA’s various games also had to be part of Steam to work properly.

Either way, this means that if you’ve been holding off on buying a certain EA game because they were on Origin, you can finally buy the game and add it to your Steam library, while the only thing left of Origin in the game will be the requirement for it to connect to Origin servers.

The Battlefield games aren’t the only titles that have been making their way onto Steam lately, as it includes games like the Dragon Age series, Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge, and many others, but Battlefield is its most recent addition.

This includes every Battlefield game up to the most recent one, Battlefield 5, which DICE recently pulled support from in preparation for making their new Battlefield game. It’s not limited to Battlefield either, as the Star Wars Battlefront games have also been added to Steam.

Along with all of the Battlefield games being added, they’ve also become bundled with their DLC, such as Battlefield 1, marketed as “Battlefield 1: Revolution”, which not only gives the base game but all of its DLC packs including “They Shall Not Pass”, “In The Name Of The Tzar”, “Turning Tides”, and “Apocalypse.”

These games are all on sale, too, so now’s the perfect opportunity to pick one or more of them up if you’ve been looking forward to the arrival of the Battlefield series on Steam.