Battlefield Bad Company 2 Errors,Freezes, Crashes, Controls, and Install Problems

Battlefield Bad Company 2 hasn’t disappointed one bit but there are always exceptions and nothing can be perfect. There are bugs in the game and other things like editing controls aren’t simply simple enough.

So we are left with possible solutions and workarounds to go resolve these errors, freezes, and glitches to experience a good game. For all the possible solutions to prevailing problems in Battlefield Bad Company 2 read the guide below.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Controls Fix

If you are facing issues configuring Battlefield Bad Company 2 controls, you can read Battlefield Bad Company 2 Control Fix Guide to work around all the crazy controls.

How to Change FOV in Battlefield Bad Company 2

If you want to change the field of view in Battlefield Bad Company 2, close the game. Go to BFBC2 folder under “My Documents”, there find “settings.ini” and search for “FOV”. Default FOV is 55, change it to your liking.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Mouse Fix

1. If you are playing in Full Screen, switch to windowed mode by pressing “ALT+Enter”. When you are in windowed mode see the difference between where your button is and where your cursor is pointing is still present.

If it went away trying going back into full screen mode by pressing “alt+enter” again and see if that resolve this issue.


2. If above solution doesn’t work, open “settings.ini” and change “DxVersion=auto” to “DxVersion=9”.

Fixing Frequent Kicks by Punkbuster Battlefield Bad Company 2
If you are getting kicked by Punkbuster while you try to play online matches, you can try these things to fix this issue.
1. Reinstall Punkbuster.

2. If you are using steam, go to “File”>Settings>In-Game Tab and uncheck “Enable Steam Community In-Game”.

3. If the issue still prevails try the following:
Go to your game folder, installation directory and see if you can find these files in “pb” folder >pbag.dll, pbcl.dll, pbsv.dll and in “Punkbuster” folder>pbsvc.exe.  See if you have all these files and in case any of these is missing try installing PB manually.

4. Download the latest version of PB manually and place it on desktop. Now delete the pb folder from the game directory “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield Bad Company 2”. Now run pb setup and add BFBC2, in case you receive an error towards the end about something like this:

“HTM MD5s do not match security information. Please try updating again later”

Check your antivirus and see the quarantined items if you find anything related to PB in there, authorize it and run the pb setup again and everything will work fine.

5. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, right click on BFBC2 shortcut and go to its properties, there check the box that says “Run as Administrator”, this will resolve most of the connectivity issues.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Server Connection Lost Fix
There are certain ports that needs to be opened before you can play BFBC2 smoothly. These ports are:
TCP:80, 13505, 18800, 18805
UDP:53, 10000, 11000-11030, 18805

Battlefield Bad Company 2 “Crashing to Desktop” Fix
Open “settings.ini” and find “DxVersion= ” and change it to “DxVersion=9 or 10” whatever you are using.

Force DirectX version For Battlefield Bad Company 2
If you want to force a specific directX version, open your “settings.ini” file, there find “DxVersion= ” and change it to your liking.

If the game fails to start with the higher version, it will automatically try to start with the one before it. Like if the game failed to start with 11, it will try to start up with 10 and then 9.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC  Slow Frame rates, Slow Performance
Install the latest graphic card drivers and try to play the game with DirectX 9, change the version of directX in settings.ini to 9.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Graphics Glitch Fix
Turn off Bloom.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Black Screen of Death Fix
No fix as of now, if you know anything suggest in comments.

Unable To Install in Windows 7 x64
If you are unable to install the game using EA Downloader in Windows 7, disable your virus scanner and re-download Battlefield Bad Company 2.

If you are facing any other issue, post in comments and we will try to help you out.

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