Battlefield:Bad Company 2 Mouse/Keyboard Controls Configs and Fixes

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is out and rocking, some say its freaking awesome and some are pretty disappointed with game being buggy as hell. Even with all the problems intact the game is frigging awesome really, talk about the gameplay and the story.

These bugs and glitches come with new games these days mostly due to people trying out games before they even get released, you got the idea all right. Anyway the most annoying of issues being faced right now is the in game control which either don’t response or people are unable to change them, even when they change them, the alternate doesn’t work.

How you need to fix everything is what I am interested to let you know subject to how much I know as of now. This post may see frequent updates as we progress with the game and the problems faced in this regard by gamers, so keep in touch.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Mouse/Keyboard Fix

Mouse and keyboard issues are being faced by those who have the pirated copies or downloaded the game before hand to do a test drive.

-In your crack folder it is pretty obvious you have missed to copy the two text files named “jabberwocky.txt” and “pitoni.txt”  to the game directory.
-Just move these two text files into the game folder, to solve the issue.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Reversed Yaw and Throttle Fix

In order to fix the reversed yaw and throttle, go into the “air.dbx” file located under “bfbc2/input/air.dbx”, in this file you need to alter two lines:
1. To do that first open “air.dbx” in wordpad.
2. Search for “IDA_Axis1X” and make sure it is under the field for “ConceptMoveFB”.
3. Now change the following line “<field name=”ScaleValue”>1</field>” to             “<field name=”ScaleValue”>-1</field>”.
4. Search for “IDA_Axis1Y” and make sure it is under the field for “ConceptYaw”.
5. Now change the following line “<field name=”ScaleValue”>1</field>” to
“<field name=”ScaleValue”>-1</field>”.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Control Config Files

Here are the land, air and infantry control files for Battlefield Bad Company 2 which you can copy and replace with your default files.

When you will be using these custom control config files, you will be using the controls set by “Drayu” the person responsible for making them. So if you want to change them to your own liking follow through the article.

-Battlefield Bad Company 2 Land Controls Fix
-Battlefield Bad Company 2 Air Controls Fix

If you want to change/edit few buttons in the game settings, you will to edit the air controls where you don’t want them. For every joystick control, map it to the trigger. Everytime you reproduce the action, it deletes the former preset. In the end you only have controls preset to trigger which takes care of all the weird joystick movement issues while on foot and in the armor. Thanks @ Papasan9 for the tip.

How to Set Crouch to Toggle
Well if you want to set crouch to toggle set it to a macro on mouse or keyboard or gaming pad.

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