Battlefield 6 Looks To Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass

It appears that previous rumors of the new Battlefield 6 landing on Xbox Game Pass at release were indeed accurate or at least for the time being.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Microsoft announced new games which will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for the month of June. The accompanying tweet however referenced another tweet which publisher Electronic Arts had made last month for the upcoming Battlefield 6 reveal.

It was hence not surprising to see fans connect both tweets and speculate about a potential agreement reached between both publishers.

Take note that well-known leaker Tom Henderson had already made a similar claim a couple of months back. That Electronic Arts wants Battlefield 6 to be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one in order to boost the number of players.

Battlefield 6 will receive a full-blown reveal in the coming weeks. The reveal trailer was actually leaked in recent weeks before Electronic Arts was stated to be preparing a new trailer for the upcoming announcement.

The new installment has been undergoing daily play-testing, polishing, and balancing as developer DICE continues to make “the best possible Battlefield game” in the franchise. Battlefield 6, rumored to be ditching the numeral, will return to an all-out modern warfare (near-future) setting with ramped-up destruction mechanics and support for more players per match.

The latter part about having an increased number of players would perhaps make it all the more likely to see Battlefield 6 land on Xbox Game Pass on day one. Expect the upcoming reveal to confirm the release plans which so far mention a release around the 2021 holiday season for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X (and Xbox Series S), and PC.

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