Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer Will Show Off 128-Player Desert Island Map, Says Leaker

Battlefield 6 will be receiving a full-blown reveal in the coming months, the contents of which might possibly have already been leaked.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, well-known Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson shared a sketch to tease that the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer will take place on a single, desert island map instead of multiple locations.

The sketch also contained a fleet of pilotable Osprey aircrafts, multiple silos getting ready to launch, a looming skyscraper in the middle, and a massive storm rolling in from the back of the island. When combined, it appears that the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer will be featuring large-scale chaos to give a sense of scale on how the new installment will be supporting 128 players in a single map.

In addition to 64-versus-64 multiplayer matches, DICE will probably use the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer to demonstrate unscripted destruction by leveling the skyscraper. The missile silos are perhaps part of various in-game events which DICE already teased a while back. That and the rolling storm which will change the landscape the same as other natural disasters which DICE mentioned as well.

Henderson has already calmed down fans by stating that the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer will not be battle royale, which the game is strongly rumored to feature. It is likely that DICE will be focusing on the main game at the start before turning its attention to battle royale near the release window. It will be interesting to know just how DICE plans to compete with the likes of Call of Duty: Warzone which remains incredibly popular in the battle royale genre.

Battlefield 6 has been confirmed for a reveal in spring with a release during the holiday season of 2021. Fans should keep their fingers crossed for a free-to-play Battlefield battle royale experience.

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