Battlefield 6 Following “Setting & Direction” Of Battlefield 3

Following two installments set during the historical World War eras, Battlefield 6 will reportedly be returning to a much-needed modern-day setting.

Taking to Twitter last week, industry insider Tom Henderson stated that publisher Electronic Arts and developer DICE have decided to follow the “setting and direction” of Battlefield 3 for the next entry in the franchise. He also clarified that Battlefield 6 will not be a remaster of the 2011 installment and that his earlier reference was for only the modern-day modern-warfare setting.

Henderson has proven to be quite a reliable source in the past. He has accurately leaked information about the new Modern Warfare and Black Ops games and more. Hence, his word about Battlefield 6 (or at least for the setting) carries worth. Should there be need of any further acknowledgement, note that VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb went ahead to agree with Henderson as well.

Battlefield 6 is already confirmed to be slated for 2021. EA has stated that DICE will be delivering the “future” of the first-person shooter franchise by ‚Äútargeting new innovation” enabled by the next-generation platforms.

More recently, DICE confirmed that content support for the current Battlefield 5 will be ending in 2020. The developer though will continue to provide support in the form of balance updates and such. The same goes for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 as well. EA is basically freeing up resources to land all hands on deck for Battlefield 6. That being said, the game is presumed to be already in the works.

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