Pre-Alpha Battlefield 6 Screenshots Allegedly Leaked

The new Battlefield 6 has allegedly witnessed yet another leak in a long-running series of leaks ahead of its upcoming official reveal.

Earlier today, four screenshots said to be from a pre-alpha build of Battlefield 6 were shared online (via Reddit) which were apparently taken from the Discord channel of well-known leaker Tom Henderson. It goes without saying that the leaked screenshots (below) will possibly be taken offline fairly soon.

2042 (?)

Battlefield 6 has been promised to be a true next-generation experience and hence, making a judgement based on the blurry (and highly compressed) images would be a mistake. The pre-alpha build also makes it obvious that the final build will receive plenty of more graphical improvements.

That being said, these screenshots may as well be of Battlefield 6 since one of the screenshots shown a pilotable Osprey aircraft which was previously leaked to be part of the reveal trailer.

The timing of the leak is also of significance. Earlier today, various influencers and content creators began receiving cryptic messages from the official Battlefield social media channels. “War is the only way home,” reads the ending line but more importantly, the message mentions a date with the year crossed out. Battlefield 6 is said to be set in a near-future and will be returning to modern-day warfare from its preceding historical installments. Perhaps the game is set a bit further than anticipated.

Battlefield 6 will be officially revealed on June 9, 2021. Fans only have to wait another week to see how their favorite franchise will be making use of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X hardware.

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