Battlefield 6 Reveal Officially Pegged For Next Month

Battlefield 6 has finally been confirmed for an official reveal next month after numerous leaks surfaced online in the past few weeks.

Following numerous leaks in the past few weeks, publisher Electronic Arts has finally confirmed Battlefield 6 for an official reveal next month.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the official Battlefield account teased (in its own way) that the world premiere of Battlefield 6 will be taking place in June, which is incidentally when the publishing giant will be hosting its annual EA Play Live event.

EA has not provided a schedule at the time of writing but EA Play Live 2021 is presumably going to take place around mid-June. Hence, fans can expect to see Battlefield 6 for the first time in about roughly a month.

A couple of weeks back, EA announced that Battlefield 6 will soon be receiving a full-blown reveal. The publisher also confirmed that the new installment is undergoing “daily playtesting mode” where developer DICE remains busy in “polishing, balancing, and making the best possible Battlefield game” in the franchise.

Battlefield 6, which according to leaks will be just titled Battlefield, will return to an all-out modern warfare setting. DICE will be ramping up destruction mechanics to “epic scales” and with an increased player-count, players can expect to enjoy nothing but absolute chaos once the game releases.

Battlefield 6 (or Battlefield) will be dropping for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X (and Xbox Series S), and PC around the 2021 holiday season. The upcoming reveal at EA Play Live 2021 will be followed by several more updates by DICE with potentially more footage until the release window approaches.

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