Battlefield 6 Battle Royale Will “Bring It” To Compete With Warzone, Says Dr. DisRespect

Call of Duty: Warzone has pretty much taken hold of the popular battle royale genre but which might change when Battlefield 6 finally arrives.

There have been several rumors, and strong ones at that, about developer DICE preparing Battlefield 6 to feature a battle royale mode. While a confirmation may arrive in the coming months during a promised spring-reveal, there is a likelihood that publisher Electronic Arts decides to keep its battle royale offering free to play in order to give Warzone some much needed competition.

During a livestream on the weekend, YouTube streamer Herschel “Dr. DisRespect” Beahm IV expressed his excitement (via CharlieIntel) in a potential Battlefield-styled battle royale experience.

He reminded everyone that DICE has done battle royale before as well. Battlefield 5 had Firestorm but which “was like a pre-alpha” that DICE seemingly never intended to support in the long run. Battlefield 6 however will not get the same treatment, at least according to Dr. DisRespect.

“I have a feeling that they are really going to bring it for this next Battlefield,” he said. “It is going to be fast, explosive. I do not know how much influence vehicles will have on the fights, but they do a really good job on bigger maps on how they balance some of that out.”

Battlefield 6 will place a larger focus on destruction than ever before. The new installment is said to have both small-scale destruction events like the ones from Battlefield: Bad Company and large-scale ones where players can level entire skyscrapers in unscripted fashion. The latter being a massive jump from Battlefield 4 where only particular buildings could be brought down. Based on rumors, players will be able to level entire blocks if needed.

Battlefield 6 has been confirmed for a reveal in spring with a release during the holiday season of 2021. Electronic Arts has teased the multiplayer to be taking full advantage of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to take the action on an “unprecedented” scale.

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