Battlefield 6 Imminent Announcement Teased

An unexpected tease came up today as DICE’s senior designer hinted that the clock is ticking for an announcement for Battlefield 6. Or are we just taking it too far? In a recent content creator’s tweet, Niklas astrand commented with what sounds like a clock ticking. As expected, everyone now thinks that the tease is about Battlefield 6.

Astrand’s comment was made on JackFrags latest Battlefield 5 video. The content creator posted the video link on Twitter. DICE’s senior designer commented with “Tick tick tick” which clearly points to a clock ticking. The comment section filled with impatient fans that definitely think that this is a Battlefield 6 announcement tease.

Everything pointed to Battlefield 6 getting announced last month. However, these expectations fell short and we still wait for Electronic Arts to “load the gun”.

The publisher confirmed that DICE will soon be shifting focus from Battlefield 5 to deliver the “future” of the first-person shooter franchise in 2021. It’s only safe to assume that the announcement for Battlefield 6 will be in the next few months.

All we know about the next Battlefield game will follow the “setting and direction” of Battlefield 3. More specifically, it won’t be a remaster of the 2011 title but will house the same modern-warfare setting.

A recent leak claims that Battlefield 6 will include a 128 player multiplayer which makes it one of the most extreme online experiences to date. Imagine getting in the battlefront with 127 more players, engaging in real modern warfare. This could really be the future of online FPS.


For the time being, all we can do is wait. DICE and EA will make the big reveal when the time comes whether it is this year or early 2021. Battlefield 5 is still in active support and with all graphics enhancements, it’s a sight for sore eyes even in the wake of next-gen consoles. BFV is definitely worth revisiting before the next title gets its announcement.

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