Battlefield 5’s Inclusion of Women: “I Will Find Myself on the Right Side of History,” Design Director

Battlefield 5 features women on the frontlines and this decision have seen plenty of criticism from the community.  Some are calling it feminist propaganda but EA DICE has defended the decision, saying that female soldiers are here to say.

Further commenting on the backlash, EA DICE creative director for Battlefield 5, Dan Verlin, stated that he always knew pushing for female soldiers is going to be a fight. However, he feels that this is the right decision and many people will play the game despite their reservations.

I knew this was going to be a fight when i pushed for female soldiers in Battlefield. I have a daughter, and I don’t want to ever have to answer her question of “why can’t I make a character that looks like me” with “because you’re a girl.”

I fundamentally feel to my core this is the right way and I will find myself on the right side of history.

And I think many people will play the game despite their reservations. And maybe learn something about either history or themselves. That is part of the making games art.

Battlefield 5 not only features female soldiers, which is in fact historically accurate but exaggerated, it also comes with funky customization options including facepaints.

The reveal trailer of Battlefield 5 didn’t do justice to what this game actually is. A detailed presentation was held for the press prior to the public event that showed more than enough. There are so many fundamental changes to the way Battlefield plays, however, it stays true to the Battlefield formula.

While the inclusion of women remains a controversial subject, EA DICE plans to prioritize fun over historical accuracy.

Source: Reddit

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