Battlefield 5 Weapon Skins Unlock Guide – How to Unlock Rare and Epic Skins

Our Battlefield 5 Weapon Skins Unlock Guide will cover all the skins you can get in BFV. Our BFV Skins Guide will help you learn all about unlocking Epic and Rare weapon skins.

Battlefield 5 Weapon Skins Unlocks

You can unlock plenty of weapons skins in BF5. Some of the skins can be obtained easily by just playing the game while others require completion of certain milestones.

Some of these skins can be purchased with Company Coins. However, you will not be able to get Epic/Rare skins through CC.

How to Unlock Epic Skins?

Epic Skins are also referred to as Gold Skins in BFV. To get the Gold Skins, first, you will have to Max Weapon Level of your gun (Level 10). When you are done, you will unlock Mastery Challenges for that weapon.

You can select these Mastery Challenges in the “Assignment Tab”. Upon completion of each challenge, you will get a piece of the set.

These challenges differ from weapon to weapon. Weapon Challenges must be active in the “Assignment” tab for the challenge to complete.


There are 6 pieces of the set which includes Gold Plated Muzzle, Gold Handguard, Gold Receiver, Gold Magazine, Gold Stock, and Gold Iron Sight.

Rare, Uncommon and Common Skins

You will unlock Weapon Proficiency Challenges at weapon Level 5. Upon completing these challenges, you can unlock Rare Skins for your weapon. You have to select these challenges in “Assignment” tab.

Uncommon Skins unlock during Level 7-10 grind and Common skins from 1-4. Uncommon and Common skins can be purchased with Company Coins.

Rare Skins cannot be purchased with CC and you will have to complete challenges to get them.