Battlefield 5 TTK And TTD Changes Are Coming Soon, Killing And Dying Will Be Harder

It’s a quick thing, to die in a war, but some players in Battlefield 5 think it’s actually too quick. Players have recently been asking DICE about Battlefield 5 TTK and TTD changes, which govern how fast you kill someone and can be killed, and the studio says changes are incoming soon.

TTK and TTD are both acronyms, meaning Time To Kill and Time To Death, respectively. As we’ve said above, they talk about how fast you kill from the perspective of the shooter, and how fast you die from the perspective of the victim, and in a game as fast-paced as Battlefield 5, that’s a pretty quick time. It also depends on the gun that you’re using.

However, many players believe that the times are too fast, and it doesn’t really give them a chance to get to cover or even figure out where the bullets are coming from, which makes them feel that the game is unfairly balanced. DICE has listened to the pleas from the fans, and hence the Battlefield 5 TTK and TTD changes will be coming soon.

Of course, like many patches and changes, the issues that bring them about is a matter of opinion. While many players of Battlefield 5 think that they should have more time to shoot back or duck when being shot at, other players think that the TTK is fine and that DICE should focus on fixing TTD and the game’s netcode.

Whether or not the Battlefield 5 TTK and TTD changes need to be implemented at all is up to DICE, and they’ll likely research both sides thoroughly to see if they really do need to make changes to both qualities.

Either way, for now you’ll likely have to deal with both factors here, and if the Battlefield 5 TTK and TTD changes really do happen, hopefully they won’t throw too many people off their game. You can play Battlefield 5 right now on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.