Battlefield 5 Teaser Is Awe Inspiringly Beautiful

It’s been a big week for game reveals, first Activision revealed Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare and next Battlefield reveal is due today. DICE is already teasing fans by releasing a stunning and awe inspiring Battlefield 5 teaser trailer.

The teaser features a man, who’s face is covered in dirt and sweat lines are clear on his face, looking skywards in apparent shock as something’s shadow covers his face. We can only speculate that the man is a soldier of some sort because the trailer does not give us a good look at the character’s attire.

What catches the eye of this man is not known at this point but we are sure that we will find out once the game is fully revealed. There is smoke and ember in the air which indicates that a battle of some sort took place nearby.

Battlefield 5 rumors have been circling the internet for quite some time, and the most prominent one is that the game will be set in world war 1.

Yesterday,  DICE’s maketing manager, Casey Al-kaisy, tweeted that “Fans will not expect what is coming”. Which makes us think that Battlefield 5 might not be set in world war 1 or 2, maybe it is a futuristic setting, which could also fit with the teaser as there is something big approaching the man, a space craft like the COD showed? We really hope not.

Maybe it could be past meets the future, mixing of world war 1 and post space exploration technology. We will know for sure what will it be once the full reveal trailer is released.

The teaser alone has got fans excited and one thing we can take away from this Battlefield 5 teaser is that DICE has accomplished amazing level of graphics with their Frostbite engine once again. It must be clarified that this footage is from in-engine cinematic.

Are you hyped for Battlefield 5 after watching the teaser trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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