Battlefield 5 Support Class Guide – Support Unlocks, Combat Roles, Tips

The Support Class is more important than ever in Battlefield 5 as it can be used in the new Squad System to cover everyone. The class is complex as it has many different avenues that you need to master and our Battlefield 5 Support Class Guide will take you through all of them one by one.

Battlefield 5 Support Class

In this BFV Support Class Guide, we will first be looking at all of the weapons that are available to you and when you can unlock them.

After that, we will be looking at the 2 different Combat Roles that are available to you at the release of the game.

In the end, we will take a look at some tips and strategies that can be used when in the game to have the maximum possible effect on your team.

Support Unlocks and Weapons

The guns available to you are quite different from one another, and it will be a good idea to learn as many of them as possible since they have different uses.

However, some players might end up being better at one of them than the others are, and all of them can be used for supporting your team if you know how to play them.

For your main weapon, the KE7 is unlocked for you from the beginning. You can unlock the Bren Gun when at Level 3, FG-42 at level 3, and the M30 Drilling when you get to Level 10.

You also have 2 different side weapons that are both unlocked for you by default. They are the P38 and the Ruby, but you probably will not be using them much due to the nature of your class.

At the start, you have 2 different Gadgets that you can make use of. First of them is the Anti-tank mine which you can use to take out enemy vehicles.

The other one is ammunition box that can be used to restock ammunition for your teammates when on the go. Lastly, you also unlock the S-Mina once you are at level 10.

The S-Mina is sort of like a Claymore and can be used to kill people when they walk through it.

Lastly, you have a total of 2 different grenades available for you. The Incendiary Grenade is unlocked for you by default and it can be used to zone out enemies in close quarters.

On top of that, you also get the Fragmentation Grenade once you are at level 2. The frag grenade works the same, as you would expect it to, by exploding when thrown and killing enemies in a small radius nearby.

Remember that it is important for you to learn the weaknesses and the strengths of each of the weapons so that you can decide which ones you want to use.

You just need to keep on playing and you will soon be able to learn the differences and which of them seem to suit your play style. You can also change the gadgets and grenades that you have to see whether they mesh with the way you play.

Combat Roles

As is the case with each of the 4 classes in the game, you have a total of 2 different Combat Roles that you can use. EA has stated that there will be more Combat Roles available with future DLCs.

As for now, either you can use the Engineer Combat Role or you can use the Machine Gunner Combat Role. Let us go ahead and look at how they differ from one another and when you should be using them.


The Engineer class is used to fortify your team and is the default Combat Role for the support class. When you have this combat role in use, you have access to increased fortifications than you would use any other class in the game.

Not only that, but you also have a trait that allows you to build fortifications faster than you would in another class. There are a total of 2 different traits that come along with the Engineer class.

One of them is the Vehicle Fixer, which is used to repair vehicles and build fortifications at a rate which is quite a bit faster than the other combat role as well as the other classes in the game.

The second trait that you have is the Heavy Weapons Expert, which allows you to fire all mounted weapons for a longer time before they overheat. This allows you to provide better covering opportunities for your team.

Machine Gunner

If you keep on using the class for some time, you will be able to get yourself the second combat role that is based more around combat rather than building.

Although you should not expect to kill a huge number of enemies using this role, you will be able to suppress them more effectively than you would use any other class.

You will be sacrificing the ability to quickly repair and build fortifications, but an aggressive squad can use this Combat Role very effectively.

The first combat role trait that you have available to you is called Bullet Storm. Bullet Storm is very simple as all it does is increase your suppression ability.

You will be able to suppress enemies way more easily and your team will then be able to capitalize on it by pushing up or taking down enemies.

The second trait that you have is called Focused Fire. This is very useful as it automatically spots enemies when you suppress them.

This can be incredibly beneficial when used in pitched battles, as your team will know the locations of the enemy without you having to do anything.

Support Class Tips

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use in order to be more effective when using the Support Class.

Stay with Your Team
The most important thing to do is to stay with your team. Remember that not only are your weapons not good enough to be massively effective on their own, you also have to supply ammunition to your team.

Ammunition on your team is limited enough as it is and if you are not close to a resupply station; you will need to be there for your team.

This becomes even more important when you are attacking since a lot of your ammo will be wasted and it will be imperative that you are there to resupply when that happens.

Since your main role, no matter which Combat Role you are using is to suppress enemies, make sure you are constantly looking for enemies behind cover and make sure that they stay there for however long it takes for your team to get in position and take them out.

Simply use the mounted guns and fire at the enemies however long it is possible.

Communication in the support class is more important than ever. Since you are not strong enough on your own, it is entirely possible that you will not be able to do anything when going it alone.

It is best to ask your teammates what they want to do and then try to help them as much as possible.

Make sure you build as many fortifications as you possibly can. Your main job is to ensure that everyone else in the team has all the tools they need in order to succeed, and that can be done by making Resupply and Medic Stations wherever possible.

They will help your team stay in the fight and have a makeshift base to regroup to.

That is not all that you should be doing, as you can also make boards and sandbag walls to cover your flanks or to fix holes from where the enemy could come and attack you.

A small blockade could be incredibly beneficial during the battle as it might delay an onset of enemy attack by a few seconds, giving you enough time and space to turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

The only thing to remember is that you should understand whether the fortifications are helping you or your team. This strategy could end up costing you, so just be careful.

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