Battlefield 5 Story Trailer Shows Wide Range Of Viewpoints And Nationalities

To get players even more excited for Battlefield 5, DICE and EA have released the Battlefield 5 story trailer, which shows off a wide range of viewpoints and nationalities to show all of the different characters we’ll be playing as when the game comes out, much like Battlefield 1 did with its mode.

Battlefield 1’s story mode was less a unified story and more an anthology series, giving us a number of different little “mini-campaigns” dedicated to showing off the heroics of a number of different troops all across the war, ranging from the ANZAC at Gallipoli, to an Arab rebel in the Middle East, to a British tank crew on the Western Front.

The Battlefield 5 story trailer promises another wide range of different viewpoints, including a Norwegian resistance fighter, a British Special Air Service agent in North Africa, a Senegalese soldier of the French colonies in Africa, and even the crew of a German Tiger tank.

However, this time around, the trailer shows off another way of how hellish war truly is. In the Norwegian section, you play as a young partisan whose mother is captured by Germans, leading her to embark on a lone quest to both free her mother and get revenge on the Germans. The Senegalese section of the game will likely focus on the poor treatment of these soldiers at the hands of their colonial overlords, the French. The German crew will also get their own segment, wondering if they’re truly on the right side of the war that they’re fighting.

This sort of story is quite appropriate in the context of a global war like World War 2 and World War 1, so hopefully these missions will be of the same sort of quality. You can watch the Battlefield 5 story trailer by clicking the link at the top of the page, and the game itself comes out on November 20 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.