Battlefield 5 Rotterdam Footage Coming August 31, Not At Gamescom

There won’t be any Battlefield 5 Rotterdam footage coming during Gamescom, according to a recent Twitter post from a user named MrProWestie. Westie said that he wasn’t allowed to show any footage until August 31, so there’s a few more days to go until we can actually see any gameplay footage.

The reason he gave for this was because EA decided not to have a keynote at the event this year for some reason, possibly because they didn’t have very much to work with this time around. With all of their major stuff having been revealed at E3 and nothing else to really show for it since then it’s likely that Battlefield 5 is the only thing they might have.

We’ve seen the Battlefield 5 Rotterdam map in two different trailers now, one with small flashes of gameplay and the other showing off the game’s graphics from the RTX graphics cards. However, hopefully with the footage that’s going to be releasing on August 31, we’ll be able to actually see some gameplay with the map.

Hopefully, considering the footage we saw of Battlefield 1 before it came out, the Battlefield 5 Rotterdam footage will be just as good. Battlefield 1 was one of the most successful Battlefield games in several years, but the low pre-order numbers of Battlefield 5 might be another reason why EA isn’t doing a keynote.

While the game does look like the standard hectic Battlefield gameplay, and has amazing visuals to go with it, we won’t see just how it looks until August 31 when the Battlefield 5 Rotterdam footage actually comes out. Hopefully it will have the same variety of weapons and vehicles that Battlefield 1 had, which was part of what made it so successful.

We’ll keep you posted for when the Battlefield 5 Rotterdam footage comes out, but in the meantime Battlefield 1 will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on October 11.