Battlefield 5 Recon Class Guide – Recon Unlocks, Combat Roles, Tips

The Recon class is one of the most difficult and yet one of the most satisfying classes to play due to its exceptionally high skill ceiling in Battlefield 5. Do not worry if you are not able to be a master at the first try because our Battlefield 5 Recon Class Guide is here to help you settle in.

Battlefield 5 Recon Class

The Recon class is used exactly for what you might have guessed. It can be used either to scout enemies or to shoot them from afar.

We will be taking a look at Recon unlocks, combat roles, and everything else you need in order to be great at this class! Let us start with the unlocks, and then move onto some general tips and tricks.

Recon Unlocks

This is what you get for leveling up the Recon class each time you level it up.

  • Level 1: Model 8 Rifle
  • Level 2: Smoke Grenade
  • Level 3: Ruby Sidearm
  • Level 4: Flare Gun Gadget, Hatchet
  • Level 5: M1911 Sidearm
  • Level 6: Spawn Beacon, Gewehr M95/30
  • Level 7: Club Melee Weapon, P08 Sidearm
  • Level 8: Pathfinder Combat Role Unlock
  • Level 9: Throwing Knife
  • Level 10: ZH-29 Rifle, Recon Proficiency I Assignment
  • Level 11: Sniper Decoy Gadget, Repetierpistole M1912 Sidearm
  • Level 12: Shovel Melee Weapon
  • Level 13: Krag- Jorgensen Bolt Action Rifle
  • Level 14: Pickaxe
  • Level 15: MK VI Revolver Sidearm
  • Level 16: RSC Rifle
  • Level 17: Kukri Melee Weapon
  • Level 18: British Army Jack Knife Melee Weapon
  • Level 19: Liberator Sidearm
  • Level 20: KAR98K Bolt Action Rifle, Recon Mastery I Special Assignment


Remember that the sniping in BFV is quite realistic. That means that there is a multitude of factors for you to account for such as bullet drop and the effect that suppressive fire may have for you!


Make sure to be ready to whip out your pistol when at close range because your weapons (especially your starting weapons) cannot do nearly as good when at close quarters.

Go for Headshots

Once you have the basics nailed down, try to go for the headshots since they will replenish your breath and you will be able to zoom in for longer periods of time. This will also allow you to chain headshots for a massive stamina boost.

Combat Roles

As is the case with all of the classes, there are currently two combat roles for each of them and there will be more upon the release of subsequent DLCs.

I should not have to tell you what the sniper does. It uses its massively long language to take out enemies from afar. You can spot enemies from afar, hold your breath longer and ensure that a headshot replenishes your breath meter.

The Pathfinder can be used to go in behind enemy lines and then spawn your squad in on you.

You can use the spawn beacon function to do that and then avoid all of the hassles that moving past the enemies to flank them would bring. You also get Requisition Points when spawns are on your beacon.

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