Battlefield 5 Premium Pass Will Not Be Present In Upcoming Game

The Battlefield 5 premium pass is apparently not going to be part of the new game when it comes out, according to a statement by EA at the game’s reveal. EA says that they want to keep the community unified by playing the same content, rather than being separated by funds.

The company had a similar strategy when it came to Battlefront 2, trusting in microtransactions to avoid putting out any DLC that some players might buy while others might be unable to afford it. Without a premium pass or DLC, Battlefield 5 will have a similar setup, but there’s always the threat that the game could have a Battlefront 2 style mess up.

While EA’s efforts to allow free DLC of the game through microtransactions has been a success, the game had a huge amount of controversy when it was revealed just how intrusive those microtransactions were, causing an enormous backlash and for the game’s sales to suffer in the opening months.

Hopefully by this point, going by what EA has said about other games, the company has learned its lesson and won’t have such blatant microtransactions now. While we don’t know how yet exactly players will have to pay in order to access microtransactions for whatever they might be used for in the game, players not having to worry about whether or not their friends have certain maps so that they can play together.

Either way, we’ll likely learn more about everything that EA has planned for Battlefield 5 beyond the Battlefield 5 premium pass at this year’s E3, or more specifically at the EA Play conference that the company will be hosting before the actual event starts. We’ll likely see more gameplay, possibly a new trailer as well though that’s not confirmed yet.

Either way, if you want to see some gameplay yourself you can look at the game’s reveal trailer up above, and just wait for E3 to see more from it.