None Of The New Battlefield 5 Game Modes Are Playable At Launch Except One

Battlefield 5 will introduce a few new game modes to keep things fresh. However, no new Battlefield 5 game mode will be available at launch except for one.

DICE has revealed that its Battle Royale mode, Firestorm, will launch on March 2019. Battle Royale, Combined Arms, and Grand Operations are the only new Battlefield 5 game modes and two of them won’t be playable at launch.

EA DICE is yet to showcase any new gameplay for both Firestorm and Combined Arms. Also, we don’t even know what Battlefield 5 Combined Arms game mode is all together.

As for the Grand Operation, it is an evolution of Operations in Battlefield 1. This game mode represents historical battles consisting of multiple rounds.

In Grand Operations, each round represents a day and progress in one day will impact the scenario the next day.

Speaking of the game, Battlefield 5 will feature Nvidia RTX tech which adds another layer of immersion. Not only that, DiCE has noted that RTX brings another layer of gameplay immersion.

A lot of the RTX stuff is brilliant. The way you can have these specific gameplay moments you’ve never had before, like spotting somebody come around a corner in the reflection of a car and taking them out; that stuff is super cool.

Furthermore, DICE has confirmed 120 Hz tick rate servers for Battlefield 5 on PC but, there is a catch.

These 120 Hz servers won’t be available at launch and will only be available for smaller game modes. These smaller game modes will become available post-launch.

Also, DICE has explained how the bullet penetration system works in the game. This system allows bullets to go through “thin materials and deal reduced damage to opponents”.

The penetration and the damage depend on the weapon. With Battlefield 5 bullet penetration system, players will be able to change the dynamics of the match.

Battlefield 5 is a first-person action shooter developed by EA DICE. The game rolls out on November 20, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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