Battlefield 5 Firestorm Beginners Tips

Similar to other BR titles out there, Firestorm BR is not forgiving, however, there are some general tips and tricks that will help you win more games. In our Battlefield 5 Firestorm Beginners Tips, we’ve detailed everything about best weapons, best loot spots, weapons, and vehicles.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Beginners Tips

Although in Multiplayer Modes, classes have different roles to play, each one offering unique abilities. However, in Firestorm BR, they are just for appearance. Therefore, choosing a class shouldn’t really matter.

Understanding Inventory

The inventory feature is part of all BR games. In Firestorm, the UI is a bit odd. You can bring up the inventory on the right side of the screen. The top shows you the ammo types you’re carrying and how much you might be able to carry.

The ammo type can easily be distinguished and the bar above the ammo types represents the ammo capacity. Initially, the bar will be fully grey.

As you keep on picking up the ammo, the bar fills up with white. When fully filled, you aren’t able to carry any more ammo.

Therefore, it’s best to drop the ammo types you don’t need. In order to determine which ammo type your guns use, hover over your weapon in the inventory and it should be displayed there.



Unlike other BR titles, the backpack in Battlefield 5 Firestorm doesn’t grant you an increased capacity for carrying ammo. It only increases the capacity for the gadgets you can carry.

You can carry two Primary Weapons as well as a grenade and two types of gadgets whose capacity can be increased with a higher tier backpack.

Healing Syringes have their own allotted spots. You can carry only 8, and the capacity cannot be increased. Depending on the size of the backpack, you can take Panzers, Anti-tank mines, and Shells. Whatever item you need to use, make sure you move them to the available gadget slot.

One tip is to keep items in the same a lot as it will help build muscle memory. By doing so, you won’t mix up the items you need especially while battling the enemies.

On the other hand, the armors do not really have any allotted slot, so try keeping your gadgets in familiar places that are easy to access.

Best Weapons

Moving on to the weapons. There is quite a variety to choose from in Battlefield 5 Firestorm. The community hasn’t decided which ones are the best for now. However, typically, the Rifles are better than SMGs and Snipers and better than Rifles.

Therefore, the ideal loadout must’ve got an Automatic Rifle for CQC and a Sniper for long-ranged combat. However, it might be best to pick whatever suits you best in the multiplayer.

There’re no separate attachments for the weapons. BF5 Firestorm BR added its own design here. Weapons can be found in 3 tiers i.e. White, Blue, and Purple – each one represents a better tier respectively.

The higher the tier, the more attachments the gun will come equipped with.

White-tier gun will have nothing on it, blue-tier, and purple-tier guns have a good amount of attachments, ranging from scope to grips.

For example, STG44 in the low tier will be normal with nothing special to it. However, the blue version of STG44 will have some reflex sight and recoil buffer to it. Meanwhile, the purple version will have the barrel bedding custom and Neider sight.

The purple version of weapons is statistically better than the bottom tiers. However, the purple version offers an extended magazine for some weapons, so it is best to choose the version that’s providing more ammo capacity.

Try picking up the versions that suit your playing style the most, and If possible, get your hands on two versions of one weapon.

How to Survive

In order to increase your survival chances, you’ll have to have good armor as well as a couple of Healing Syringes.

Armor follows a tier system. When you fall for the first time, you come equipped with the most basic vest that provides +50 Armor. Once you get the purple-tier vest, you gain +150 Armor.

It’s also wise to pick up Healing Syringes and Armor Plates you find on the map. You can carry 8 Healing Syringes and use them to restore your health.

However, do note that it takes a while to get yourself fully healed up. Moreover, Healing Syringes have internal cooldowns. Each Armor Plate fills one Armor Bar. It’s also a good idea to switch to a better Armor Vest as soon as possible.


To dodge obstacles, you can vault over most of the places. By crouch running, not only can you run faster than your normal pace, but you can also run silently, which allows you to sneak away easily. Sliding also helps you when you want to move faster or slide and shoot your enemy.


Whenever you get hurt, the first thing to do is use a syringe first. Syringe takes time to heal you, so while you’re healing, you can replace your armor. This way, you can act fast and heal again after you’re done reloading. You can also heal a teammate and vice versa.

Picking the Right Look

Before jumping on the plane, make sure your gear fits the environment. Wearing a gear that does not blend with the environment can be a disadvantage. Firestorm allows you to choose a faction from the number of classes.

Although choosing a gear does not give any benefit other than blending, it is still crucial to blend in as it can save you from time to time.

Since the German faction offers more greyish and white tones, it is best to choose a German soldier. As it appears that most of the firestorm is based on snowy areas, it’ll be best to go with cool tones.


The map of the Firestorm BR is quite big, therefore, in order to make it to the safe zone that is far ahead, you might have to use vehicles.

Undoubtedly, the best vehicles in Firestorm BR are the tanks, but acquiring a tank is a risky move. Sometimes, you’re better off with a car.

In order to acquire a tank, you have to use a gadget called Flare Gun or find a tank inside a bunker with a huge metal door. The bunker can be found in key locations on the map. However, the scary thing about acquiring a tank is that it takes about 20 seconds to unlock a bunker and during that time, alarms will be alerting all the competition nearby.

In solos, cars are an ideal choice because tanks require multiple players to function properly. In addition, the risk of acquiring a tank while solo is high.

The drawback of using a car is that it takes 2 shots from a Panzer to destroy and usually players can carry up to 6 shots of Panzer.


Looting in Battlefield 5 Firestorm BR is a bit clunky. Generally, the loot is found on the floor, however, that isn’t the only place you can find it. Named locations have more loot than the other locations.

If you drop into the named locations, you’ll find strong and safe boxes containing a number of items.  By opening them, you can obtain healing items and weapons.  Meanwhile, you also have safes that are only found in warehouses and buildings of named locations.

These are required to be opened by interacting with the button and holding it for 20 seconds. If you let loose, you’ll have to hold it again for 20 seconds. The loots found in safes are usually divided into tiers, with each having its own rarity and specializations.

You can capture a lot of loot in resupply points as well. These are the dotted points in the map, and when they are active, you get in-game prompts to capture A, B, or C.

You’ll be able to see where they are on the map and if somebody is going to get it. After you finish your cap, your crate will open with some valuable items. Make sure that players are not too close, or else they can get your drop.

Named locations are also beneficial to get purple items as well. Location including Dam, Odin Burg, and Pluto Dig Site are the best places to find the most loot and purple items. There are a lot of purple items that can be found near the ship in Docks.

You can also get loot by killing an enemy. It will drop all the loot on the ground so you can scavenge through that. You can also ping available loot you might not need for your teammates.


DICE has done a pretty good job on the circle. It’s a wave of fire that destroys anything in its path. Usually, it’s best to keep away from the Firestorm because being too close to it blocks your vision.

Going outside the circle also has a benefit. If you’re facing an opponent who has camped in a house, wait for the Firestorm to hit the house and destroy it. However, it’s not healthy to stay outside the circle for long. After all, you’re on fire.

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