Battlefield 5 Is Full Of Customisations Including Options For Characters, Weapons And Vehicles

Battlefield 5 has now been revealed and we know that it is set in the World War 2. After watching trailers and screenshots, we have got a detailed look at characters, weapons, and vehicles which can be customized in Battlefield 5 due to the insane amount of options available.

Battlefield 5 will be better than any previous games in the series in terms of story, multiplayer, visuals, and customization. Players will be able to make changes to their soldiers, weapons, and vehicles.

DICE said:

We wanted to empower player choice, diversity and inclusion, so our players can fully customize the way that they want their soldiers look and play. With that, there are a plethora of customization options for your soldiers including body types, gender, war paints and more.

Battlefield 5 has detailed customizations which you will not see in the games within the same genre. You will be able to select the gender of your soldier, style of your helmet and even change the face paint on soldiers which are accurate but exaggerated.

There will be options to choose from different bullets vests, tank tops, and stylish weather jackets.

That’s not it, you can customize your weapons the way you like as you will get five to seven parts which will be allowed to change including different sights, stocks, and muzzles which will make you stand out from others in a Conquest mode.

Vehicles are one of the unique parts of Battlefield 5 which differentiate it from Call Of Duty. Now you can you add layers of items to your defense system and choose different camo skins to hide your vehicle in a grass or other places in a battle.

According to DICE, these options are here to make everyone look different from each other which was not present in previous Battlefield games. We will have to wait until October 19 to try out these customizations and you can pre-order it today to get earlier access to the game.

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