Battlefield 5 Conquest Guide – How to Dominate, Tips and Tricks

The fan-favorite mode from the Battlefield series returns with Conquest. Learn more about the workings of the mode including tips for securing victory in Battlefield 5 Conquest Mode.

Battlefield 5 Conquest

Falling in the category of ‘capture-the-flag’ game mode, Conquest will let two teams of players battle it out against each other while always securing the majority of the flag points. There are a total of 5-7 flags (depending on the map) that two opposing sides each with 800 tickets initially will contest for. The flags are mostly located at distinct landmarks, terrains or special structures on the map.

Each time a flag is captured by a team, and then re-captured by another, ticket losses occur. Thus, when the majority of the flags are under a team’s control, the other one suffers from the ‘Ticket Bleed’ effect. The rate will be higher if the difference between the flags captured between the two teams is larger.

Moreover, a death will result as a penalty which will deduct a ticker further. The round ends when all the tickets of a team run. In the case of a time-out, the team with more number of tickets will claim victory.

This is where the battle lies, a team of 32 players each fighting for capturing flags. A neutral flag has no color, while that captured by a foe will have a red outline on the icon, and a flag that’s still under your team’s control will appear with a blue icon.

The shapes also matter for if you were to change the default colors. A diamond-shaped icon means a flag under the enemy team’s control, while the circle represents a flag contested by your team. Lastly, a circle will mean the flag is open for capture.

Though you’ll only need to stand inside a certain highlighted radius of the flag to capture or hold it, the time for capturing it can be shortened by standing closer to the flag.

Moreover, the process for capturing the flag can be expedited by having more teammates within the vicinity of the flag. Note, the process is stopped when an equal number of players on either side are present in the vicinity of the flag.

Whenever a change of control over the flags takes place, both factions will be notified. Note, once a flag has been lost to a foe, you’ll not only need to bring it to neutral first but also wait long enough so it carries your team’s colors. Thus recapturing flags is harder since the whole process takes longer than capturing an uncontested, neutral flag.

New to the Battlefield’s conquest mode mechanics, the comeback game is really strong thanks to a handicap feature for the losing team towards the end of the round. What happens is that the losing team will be able to capture flags much faster if the timer is close to running out. This results in a much more intense, latter part of the round and tables can be turned in an instant.

Tips and Strategies

Cooperation and collaboration between the different classes within the allies are highly recommended. Since the spawn points will likely be near the flag locations, you’ll need to contract the heat of the battle together with your teammates if you stand a chance.

A scout will keep track of the enemy’s movements, while an assault can deal damage with vehicles and powerful equipment. Meanwhile, a Support and Medic can work together since the former can use explosives and flamethrowers while the latter can heal as well as eliminate enemies from long ranges.

Vehicles are especially viable in this mode since you constantly need to move on the battlefield and head to the flag destinations. Moreover, riding in a tank and parking at a flag location is an effective strategy especially if you can riddle out support units quickly.

The tank has an imposing presence and is tough to deal with.  The Medic actually has a very important job in this mode specifically, which is to revive in order to stop tickets from being lost. Though this role is now shared among all classes, Medics still have shorter animations of reviving a teammate compared to the other class members who stick their teammates with a syringe.

Remember, the main goal here isn’t about getting the most kills, but how effectively you can control the capture points so tactical movement and taking cover is essentially more feasible and efficient.

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