Battlefield 5 Company Coins Farming Guide – Easy Farming Tips

Company Coins are the new microtransaction currency introduced in Battlefield 5. In our Battlefield 5 Company Coins Farming Guide, we have covered everything about it. This BFV Company Coins Guide will help you farm Company Coins faster.

Battlefield 5 Company Coins Farming

You can buy Company Coins with real-life money as well.

Moreover, Company Coins can be earned slowly by just playing the game. You can earn a hefty amount of CC through completing Special Assignment and Daily Orders.

1. Special Assignments

Special Assignments are challenges that you need to complete during one game. These assignments can be class specific or mode specific. You get these assignments when you go to the “Assignment Tab” in the main menu.

You will not have any assignments active at the start. You will get 200 or more CC upon completion of these assignment’s, a number of points depend on the difficulty of the assignment.

You are required to complete at least 2/3 objective to complete the assignment in most cases some may require you to complete all of them. It is recommended you complete assignments one by one to avoid any loss of progress related to completion on time.

2. Daily Orders

Daily Orders are the day-to-day activities that you will need to do during the course of 24 hours. Completing these activities will grant 100 CC per Daily Order.

These quests are pretty easy to do and require little effort to complete like build fortifications, kill a certain amount of people, or score a certain amount of points in a map/mode.

There are only 3 quests you can do per day. Daily Orders will reset every day. You will need to farm these each day for a decent generation of CC.