Battlefield 5 Building Guide – How Building Works, Fortifications, Tips

In our Battlefield 5 Building Guide, we have covered the new and exciting Fortnite-like building aspect of the game. Our BF5 Building Guide goes into detail on the building process, available fortifications, and locations where you can build in the game.

Battlefield 5 Building

BFV allows you to construct a wide variety of structures and repair them. You can construct these structures while using any classes but the Support Class has a higher building speed as compared to other classes.

You can also fortify your construction spots with things like “Concrete Tank Stoppers” to block the way for tanks and “Razor Wires” for infantry. Moreover, you can also sandbags and trenches for some additional extra protection.

You can also dig foxholes for protection against incoming fire. Apart from it, you can also rearrange AA Guns, etc. to your liking. However, opponents should have no problem destroying these.

There is no way of gauging the amount of HP a fortification has but you should be able to repair it fully through an indicator. Apart from it, you should also be able to build defensive terrain and makeshift forts.


Since Battlefield V is more focused toward team-objectives, covering your position can be very advantageous.

How to Build – Building Tips

Before you start building, do note that you cannot build everywhere. There are a few certain restrictions. To build anything, you need to press “Building Button” D-pad for PS4.

An automatic system lets you know what you can build in a spot via building highlights. When building, go to the marked outline and press RT for PS4 that will allow you to notice a building progress in the middle of the screen.

It will fill up gradually; however, as mentioned earlier, Support Class is faster when it comes to construction. It is important to note that the things you build are not invincible and have a certain amount of health.

Battlefield 5- Tanks

Players can shoot buildable(s) with weapons or tanks. In such a situation, what you can do is to repair the objects if you see it getting attention from the opposing team.

These types of maneuvers will require a team-effort because while repairing, you will require a bit of cover to perform repairs. Everyone in Battlefield 5 has a “Building Kit” on them and building/repairing will not cost resources of any type.

Remember when building anything in the open, your body will be exposed, therefore, it is ideal to have someone support you with cover fire. All in all, this feature is very dependent on team play because it requires taking a lot of risks.